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Peace in the Valley by Kelly Irvin

Peace in the Valley (Amish of Big Sky Country #3)
About the Book

Peace in the Valley by Kelly Irvin has a forest fire heading for the homes in West Kootenai, Montana.  Nora Beachy and her family are forced to evacuate along with the other residents including Levi Raber, Nora’s beau, and his extended family. The smoke is bad for her youngest niece who was born with underdeveloped lungs.  It is decided to send Nora along with her sister and her family to live with their grandparents in Libby.  The Amish in Libby have embraced a different type of worship which is not approved of by Nora’s parents nor their church elders.  Nora finds her relatives wearing a variety of clothing from traditional Amish dress to English clothes.  Their services are held in a church with live music.  After Nora attends her first service with the Eagle Valley Amish, she understands their choice.  Nora would like a closer relationship with Jesus and to understand the scriptures.  She begins to question the Amish church and its practices.  When Levi is sent to bring her home, Nora will have to decide which life suits her best.  
Montana's Wildfire Smoke Affects Climate and Health - Moms Clean Air Force
My Thoughts

Peace in the Valley by Kelly Irvin the final novel in Amish of Big Sky Country series.  We return to West Kootenai, Montana where fires are decimating the West Kootenai National Forest.  The people in the town built their homes close to the mountains and always knew that this could happen.  Nora Beachy’s family evacuates to nearby Rexford where the smoke is still present in the air.  Sadie, the youngest child of Nora’s sister, was born early with underdeveloped lungs and the smoke is bad for her.  It is decided to send Jeannie (Nora’s sister) along with her husband and children to their grandparents’ home in Libby with Nora to assist (poor Jeannie is just worn out with three kids under five).  Nora’s parents, though, are worried about the Eagle Valley Amish influencing Nora with their different way of worshipping and their more worldly choices.  Nora is twenty years old and a baptized member of the community.  She is looking forward to marrying her beau, Levi Raber when they have saved enough to purchase the home they have their eyes on.  Peace in the Valley is a story about temptation, judging others, trust, family, and faith.  I thought the story was well-written and it can be read as a standalone.  We see Nora seeing a different way of life and worship.  The Amish in Libby have more freedoms.  They can dress differently, play musical instruments, and drive cars.  Nora finds her faith and beliefs challenged from the moment she arrives.  Temptation can be hard to resist especially when it is things you have always wanted to do.  She wonders what is so wrong about playing an instrument or studying the Bible.  I find that the story followed an expected path and there is repetition of the same details.  It is a story laden with scripture quotes and talk about faith.   I could understand why Nora struggled especially with regard to Levi.   I do know that I would make a lousy Amish wife because I could not “bow to my husband’s wishes”.   My favorite line is, “God has a plan for us.”  I liked the epilogue that wrapped up the series.   
Why I Fell In Love with the Amish. As I considered writing an Amish novel a friend offered to take me up to the small Amish community in West Kootenai, Montana. She’d grown up there and was friends with many of the Amish families. I jumped at the chance.
Amish in West Kootenai, Montana
Peace in the Valley releases on Tuesday, August 4 and is available from Amazon*.  The other two novels in Amish of Big Sky Country series are Mountains of Grace and A Long Bridge Home.  You can find Kelly Irvin's other novels here.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will return tomorrow with The Mockingbird's Song by Wanda E. Brunstetter.  It is the 2nd book in Amish Greenhouse Mystery series.  I hope that you have a tranquil day.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!

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