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The Christmas Fair Killer by Amy Patricia Meade

The Christmas Fair Killer
Book Summary

The Christmas Fair Killer by Amy Patricia Meade has Tish Tarragon with a prime location for her Cookin’ the Books Café and Catering booth at the Hobson Glen Holiday Fair.  She is delivering breakfast to the members of the Williamsburg Theater Group with actor, Justin Dange.  When Jenny Inkpen fails to answer their knock, they enter her trailer where Tish finds the young ingenue dead.  Sheriff Clemson Reade is quick to arrive and appreciates Tish’s help with the case.  People open up to Tish and share information that they would not with Sheriff Reade.  Lies, jealousy, and secrets abound among the theater troupe.  Tish whips up culinary delights for the Christmas Fair visitor,  and, in between, she stirs together the clues in the hopes of serving up the killer.
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My Thoughts

The Christmas Fair Killer by Amy Patricia Meade is the 3rd A Tish Tarragon Mystery.  It can be read on its own if you have not read Cookin’ the Book or The Garden Club Murder.  Tish Tarragon owns Cookin’ the Books Café and Catering where she serves up culinary themed food.  I had to laugh at the creative names for her dishes.  It is time for the Hobson Glen Holiday Fair with food vendors, craftspeople, and entertainers.  A Christmas Carol and Twelfth Night are being performed each day by the Williamsburg Theater Group.  Tish has agreed to deliver breakfast to theirs trailers each day of the fair.  The first day begins with a bang when Tish finds Jenny Inkpen dead in her trailer.  Tish helps Sheriff Clemson Reade by asking questions.  People have a way of sharing information with Tish which provides Sheriff Reade with helpful intel.  The mystery had multiple suspects in the death of the ingenue. There are red herrings and good clues.  I am amazed at the secrets that come to light.  I thought the murder weapon was unique as well as a couple other aspects of the crime.  I found Identifying the killer, though, to be a snap while others have found it challenging.  I believe it depends on the number of mysteries you have read.  The whodunit does involve a sensitive subject that is normally not broached in cozy mysteries.  Each food dish is described in detail along with the outfits people wore.  I did feel it was a little too much detail especially in the first chapter (where each dish Tish created for the Christmas Fair was described) which slowed down the beginning of the story.  I was surprised and disappointed by what happened at the end. I hope this development is not permanent. The author captured the Christmas feeling with the cold weather, the fair, decorations, and the food.  Christmas Fair Killer has developed characters who are good friends and have become a family.  I like that they support each other and are there in times of need.  The Christmas Fair Killer is an entertaining cozy mystery with fair fun, anxious actors, earsplitting explosives, captivating cuisine, cozy cocoa, and Christmas cheer.
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The Christmas Fair Killer is available from Amazon* along with the other two novels in A Tish Tarragon Mystery series which are Cookin' the Books and The Garden Club Murder.  You can find more books by Amy Patricia Meade here.  I appreciate you dropping by today.  I will be back tomorrow with Across the Winding River by Aimie K. Runyan.  I do hope that you have a day filled with laughter.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!

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