Saturday, August 22, 2020

Penned In by Lynn Cahoon

Penned In (A Farm-to-Fork Mystery) by [Lynn Cahoon]
Book Summary

Penned In by Lynn Cahoon has Angie Turner and the gang from the County Seat heading off for a team building exercise at a historic penitentiary.  After a tour of the facility and learning the local history, they will be locked in for the night.  Shortly after being assigned their cells, Angie finds one of the four guards dead.  One of the people locked in with them is the killer.  Can Angie and the chefs identify the bad guy, or will they end up the next spirits haunting the facility?
A Night Inside The Most Haunted Penitentiary On The East Coast Isn't For The Faint Of Heart
My Thoughts

Penned In is A Farm-to-Fork Mystery novella.  I do not recommend reading it on its own if you are unfamiliar with the series (come back and read it after you finish the others).  I enjoyed reading Penned In.  It was a delightful Halloween mini cozy mystery.  All our favorite characters are back including the large and lovable, Dom as well as Precious, the Houdini goat.  Each quarter the chefs from the County Seat do a team building exercise.  It was Matt’s turn to pick the venue and he chose an old, supposedly haunted penitentiary.  They are not allowed to bring in cell phones or other niceties (like food).  I cannot imagine being locked in with a killer. This was a unique take on a locked room mystery.   Penned In is a fun story to read with a delightful whodunit. There is a recipe for Chocolate chip muffins included.  Penned In has a party penned in at the penitentiary, the darling Dom, a gone guard, and haunted happenings.  
Penned In is available from Amazon*.  It is available through Kindle Unlimited.  The other novels in A Farm-to-Fork Mystery series are Who Moved My Goat Cheese?, Killer Green Tomatoes, One Potato Two Potato Dead, and Deep Fried Revenge.  The next novel in A Farm-to-Fork Mystery series is Killer Comfort Food which publishes on January 5, 2021.  Thank you for reading my review today.  Next time I am featuring Howloween Murder by Laurien Berenson.  It is A Melanie Travis Mystery (a novella for Halloween).  I hope that you have a spirited day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!

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