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Royal by Danielle Steel

Royal: A Novel by [Danielle Steel]
Book Summary

Royal by Danielle Steel takes us back to 1943 in London where the King and Queen are worried about their youngest daughter, Princess Charlotte.  She has severe asthma and the bombings have dust in the air causing her to have asthma attacks.  They believe it is best if Princess Charlotte is sent away until she turns eighteen.  To keep her location and identity a secret, she becomes Charlotte White and is sent to Yorkshire.  At Ainsleigh Hall, she is befriended by the owner’s handsome son who enjoys horses as much as she does.  Two young people fall in love during the war and a baby is born.  The infant is raised by a woman from the East End on a country estate who weds a stable manager.  Only one person knows the girl’s true lineage.  Time passes swiftly and soon a box filled with documents comes to light revealing a surprising secret.
His Majesty King George VI and The Queen in the bombed part of Buckingham Palace during the blitz.
Buckingham Palace was hit by bomb in 1940
My Thoughts

Royal by Danielle Steel is a book that drew me in right away. Princess Charlotte is seventeen when she is sent to Yorkshire for her health and safety.  The owner’s have a handsome son who is the same age (you see where this is heading).  The pair soon find themselves in a compromising situation.  A baby ends up being raised by a housekeeper and a stable manager.  The secret come to light forever altering people’s lives.  Royal has Danielle Steel’s trademark writing style which makes her stories so easy to read.  I liked the characters and the storyline.  We get to see how family can help loved ones deal with grief and the intensity of love during war which will make people do things they would normally never think of doing.  We also learn that it is important to fight for our dreams.  There were some emotional moments in Royal that will have you searching for a hanky.  Royal is a delightful escapist novel that I enjoyed from beginning to end.  
1961 Queen Elizabeth 11 Riding a Horse.
Royal releases on August 18.  It can be pre-ordered from Amazon* along with other major retailers.  You can find Danielle Steel's other novels hereAll That Glitters by Danielle Steel will be out on November 17 and Neighbors publishes on January 5.  Thank you for stopping by today and reading my review.  I am a stop on the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour tomorrow with Knot of this World by Mary Marks.  It is the 8th A Quilting Mystery starring Martha Rose.  I hope you have a creative day (it is always fun to create).  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!

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Queen Elizabeth reading a book about Queen Elizabeth.  I'm going to have to create a whole board dedicated to the Queen!
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