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Searching for Rose by Dana Becker

Searching for Rose by [Dana Becker]
Searching for Rose by Dana Becker
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Book Summary

Searching for Rose by Dana Becker has April hunting for her sister, Rose.  The two only have each other and always been close until Rose started dating, Ricky Devereux.  They had a fight about Ricky and his business dealings which caused the two siblings to not speak to each other.  If they had been talking, April would have noticed that Rose was missing sooner.  The last thing Rose told April was that she was going to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia and mentioned the Metropolitan Bakery.  April makes friends the bakery owner, Carmen who also gives her a much needed job.  She also becomes friends with Joseph Young who works at the Amish diner next to the bakery.  Joseph helps April in her quest to find Rose.  Their questions hit a nerve because April receives a threatening message.  April has no intention of backing down and she wonders if she can trust Joseph.  April’s determination to find Rose puts a target on her back.  Will April find Rose or will the hunt cost April her life?
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My Thoughts

Searching for Rose by Dana Becker is a unique Amish novel.  April has had a difficult life and made some poor choices.  The one person she has always been close to is her sister, Rose.  When Rose disappears without a trace, April becomes determined to find her.  She gets help from a bakery owner and an Amish man who works at the Amish diner next to the bakery.  I thought the characters lacked development.  Last names for our main characters would have been nice.  The pacing is slow in the first half of the book.  It does increase in the second half as the mystery picks up speed.  The mystery was interesting.  There are good clues to help readers figure out who is behind the crime.  There are also some disturbing details.  I would have liked a better wrap up to the mystery. It felt incomplete.  Searching for Rose is more of a romantic suspense than an Amish mystery (which is what I was expecting).  April and Joseph become close while looking for Rose.  Their relationship is a rocky one.  April has a hard time trusting people.   I did find some inconsistencies in the book that I hope were corrected before publication.  I did like seeing April trying to improve her lot in life.  It turns out that Searching for Rose will have a sequel.  I hope any unfinished issues from Searching for Rose will be resolved in the follow-up.  Searching for Rose is an Amish romantic suspense with a missing sister, an Amish Romeo, a kindhearted baker, and a shocking tale.
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Searching for Rose releases on August 25 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon*.  Thank you for joining me today.  Tomorrow I am a stop on the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour for Master of Illusion by Nupur Tustin.  It is the debut of A Celine Skye Psychic Mystery series.  I do hope that you have a cheerful day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!

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