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Piecing It All Together by Leslie Gould

Piecing It All Together (Plain Patterns Book #1) by [Leslie Gould]
Happy Wednesday!  Mums and Mayhem by Amanda Flower releases on August 11.  It is the 3rd A Magic Garden MysteryPeachy Scream by Anna Gerard is also out on August 11.  It is the 2nd novel in A Georgia B&B Mystery seriesMaster of Illusion by Nupur Tustin is now out.  It is the beginning of A Celine Skye Psychic Mystery series.  
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Book Summary

Piecing It All Together by Leslie Gould has Savannah Mast off to enjoy Christmas Eve with her fiancé, Ryan when she gets a text saying there has been a change in plans.  The next day, Savannah finally gets Ryan on the phone and is shocked when he cancels their wedding.  Savannah decides a change is in order and heads to her grandmother’s farm in Nappanee, Indiana.  On New Year’s Eve, Savannah finds herself delivering a baby when her cousin, the local midwife, is ill with the flu.  Her patient’s oldest daughter disappears that evening.  Savannah is worried about the teenager and the attitude of the deputy sheriff investigating the case. He seems intent on fingering Savannah’s childhood friend, Tommy Miller.  Savannah accompanies her mother to the weekly quilting circle meeting at Jane Berger’s quilt shop, Plain Patterns.  Jane is a local historian who shares the story of a woman who disappeared in the 1800s.  The story motivates Savannah into finding the missing teen and proving Tommy’s innocence.
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My Thoughts

Piecing It All Together by Leslie Gould is the beginning of the Plain Patterns series.  I thought Piecing It All Together was well-written with developed characters in a picturesque setting.  Savannah Mast is at crossroads when her fiancé calls off the wedding a week before the big day.  It inspires her to make a change and go back to the place she loved growing up which was her grandmother’s house. Her mammi, Dorothy Mast, welcomes her and introduces her to the quilting circle at Plain Patterns owned by Jane Berger.  Besides running the quilting shop, Jane writes a column for the Nappanee News and is a local historian.  Jane knows that God will send someone to her who will need one of her historical tales.   When Savannah gets involved in the disappearance of local teen, Jane begins telling her a story that echoes what is happening.  I soon found myself engrossed in this novel and did not want to put it down.  I like how the two stories (Savannah and Emma) worked together. I enjoyed both women’s stories.   Piecing It All Together is a story about friendship, family, faith, and love.  It was interesting learning about midwifery. I loved the descriptions of the Home and Hearth quilt the ladies created for someone special.  I like how all the loose ends were wrapped up with a satisfying ending.  I look forward to reading A Patchwork Past when is comes out in the spring.  Piecing It All Together is a charming story with an unfeeling fiancé, an AWOL adolescent, a determined deputy, a quilt quandary, an emergency midwife, and ancestral anecdotes.  
.Reminds me of Grandma's quilting friendships
Piecing It All Together is available from Amazon*.  The next book in the Plain Patterns series is A Patchwork Past which comes out March 30, 2021.  You can find Leslie Gould's other novels here.  Thank you for joining me today.  Tomorrow I am talking about A Christmas Fair Killer by Amy Patricia Meade.  It is the 3rd book in A Tish Tarragon Mystery series.  I hope that you have a congenial day.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!

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