Monday, September 28, 2020

Candy Slain Murder by Maddie Day

Book Summary

Candy Slain Murder by Maddie Day has Robbie Jordan’s Pans ‘N Pancakes hopping in South Lick, Indiana.  It is December and business has been brisk in the diner and with the items she sells in the store.  Danna Beedle, one of Robbie’s employees, gets a shock when a man comes into the restaurant claiming to be her half brother.  It appears the town’s esteemed mayor has a skeleton in her closet.  And speaking of skeletons, a fire breaks out at Dr. William Geller’s home.  In the attic, fireman find the skeletal remains of a female.  People wonder if it is the wife of Dr. Geller who disappeared over a decade ago.  No one wants answers more than the missing woman’s twin sister, Toni.  Unfortunately for Robbie, Detective Octavia Slade is on the case.  When Toni is found dead in her home, Robbie wonders if the two cases are connected.  Despite being warned against investigating by Octavia, Robbie cannot help but ask a few questions. Robbie needs to be careful or she could end up the town’s guardian angel instead of their favorite chef/sleuth.  

My Thoughts

Candy Slain Murder by Maddie Day is the 8th A Country Store Mystery.  It can be read as a standalone for those who are new to the series.  I thought Candy Slain Murder was easy to read thanks to the author’s conversational writing style and steady pacing.  The story has developed characters and a charming small-town setting.  There is a cast of quirky characters that add humor to the story.  It is time for the holidays in South Lick, Indiana.  The shops are decked with lights, snow is falling, and it is almost time for the town’s tree lighting ceremony.  Robbie Jordan has been run off her feet at the restaurant which is good for her bottom line. We get to see what it takes to run her small restaurant.  Her interactions with customers and her employees as well as coming up with the daily specials. Robbie decorates her Christmas tree with help from Abe and Sean.  I enjoyed this sweet scene.  The romance between Robbie and Abe is progressing nicely.  Robbie can imagine spending the rest of her life with Abe and his son, Sean.  Danna Beedle is stunned when a man comes into the restaurant and introduces himself as her half-brother.  She is looking forward to getting to know him, but Robbie wonders if the man is on the up and up.   There are two mysteries to solve this time around.  A current one and one from a decade ago.  Robbie questions multiple suspects gathering information that she passes along to Lt. Buck Bird and Detective Octavia Slade.  I would have preferred a more unique solution.  The case wraps up nicely with some suspenseful drama.  The book has a very special ending that fans of the series will love.  There are recipes at the end for those items that had our mouthwatering while reading this heartwarming tale.  Candy Slain Murder is a sweet story with buttery biscuits, a skeletal sibling, handmade hats, a toxic twin, a chilly climate, plus festive fun with family and friends.  

Candy Slain Murder publishes Tuesday, September 29 and it can be pre-ordered from Amazon*.  The other novels in A Country Store Mystery series can be found here.  You can find Maddie Day's other books here.  Nacho Average Murder (Book 7) is currently $1.99 (digital) on Amazon and available through Kindle Unlimited.  Maddie Day is a pseudonym for Edith Maxwell.  You can find her novels here.  Thank you for joining me today.  Tomorrow I am featuring Murder at the PTA by Lee Hollis.  It is the debut of A Maya and Sandra Mystery series.  I hope that you have a happy day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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