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An Amish Barn Raising by Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin, and Kathleen Fuller

 An Amish Barn Raising

Book Summary

To Build a Dream by Amy Clipston has good friends Kathryn Beiler and Anthony Gingerich wanting to take their relationship to the next level.  Unfortunately, Kathryn’s father does not approve of Anthony’s profession as a carpenter and refuses to give them permission to date.  Kathryn is further shocked when her father wishes her to avoid Anthony and that he has a farmer he wishes Kathryn to meet.  Anthony and Kathryn have faith that God will provide them a way to be together.  During a thunderstorm, lightening strikes the Beiler barn burning it to the ground.  Anthony wants to show Kathryn how much he loves her and arranges for a community barn raising.  Will Kathryn’s father see the error of his ways?

To Raise a Home by Kelly Irvin has Delilah Mast returning home to West Kootenai, Montana.  Her family has been living in Kanas since the fires, but she finally obtained permission to return.  Delilah and Evan Eicher had been on a couple of buggy rides before the fire and had shared a special kiss.  She is hoping that they can pick up their relationship where they left off.  Delilah soon learns that Evan has been stepping out with Anna Burkholder for the last year.  Sam Parsons is new to the community and takes a fancy to Delilah.  Delilah goes out with Sam, but her heart still belongs to Evan.  An accident at a barn raising reveals true hearts desires.  

Love’s Solid Foundation by Kathleen Fuller has Devon Bontrager returning to Fredericktown to help the crotchety Elmer.  Devon had learned that Elmer was ill when someone wrote his mother.  He owes Elmer and this is his chance to repay him.  Devon did not count on Nettie Miller visiting Elmer so often.  His brothers, Zeke and Zeb wrote to him about how Nettie had played the brothers against each other.  After receiving a letter from Zeke and Zeb, Nettie reassessed her life and is ashamed of her behavior as well as her attitude.  She is determined to make changes in her life with God’s help.  Things have been rough for her family lately which has Nettie feeling that God is punishing them.  Devon is walking late one evening when he sees sparks coming from the Miller barn that soon becomes a blaze.  This setback defeats Nettie who questions why God has done this to her family.  Devon needs to convince Nettie that God does not punish his believers.  He also wonders if he can trust his heart to Nettie.

My Thoughts

An Amish Barn Raising by Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin, and Kathleen Fuller contains three heartwarming tales.  I enjoyed reading all three of these charming stories.  I thought they were well-written with sweet characters and good life lessons.  I liked that we got the stories of characters that we had met in series by these authors.    I especially liked finding out what happened to Nettie Miller.  Each of these novellas can be read as a standalone (in case you have not read the series they relate to).  These three sweet tales were quick reads.  Forgiveness, having faith, second chances, and relying on God are the central themes.  I especially liked learning that it is never too late to change.  We just need to trust God.  I like how the three books each tied into the barn raising theme as well.  It is nice to read such relaxing, heartening stories.  An Amish Barn Raising contains three engaging Amish tales with a caring carpenter, burning barns, romantic buggy rides, teaching troubles, faithful hearts, a crotchety curmudgeon, and a giving God.

An Amish Barn Raising is available from Amazon* as well as other major booksellers.  Amy Clipston has The Jam and Jelly Nook releases May 4.  On August 3, An Amish Schoolroom by Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, and Shelley Shepard Gray comes out.  You can find Amy Clipston's other novels here.  Kathleen Fuller has Matched and Married publishing September 7.   It is the second An Amish Mail Order Bride Novel.  You can find Kathleen Fuller's other books hereLove's Dwelling by Kelly Irvin comes out July 6.    Kelly Irvin's other novels are here on Amazon.  Thank you for visiting today.  Tomorrow I am featuring The Bookstore on the Beach by Brenda Novak.  I hope each of you have a sunshiny day!  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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