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Big Little Spies by Krista Davis

 Big Little Spies

Book Summary

Big Little Spies by Krista Davis has Holly Miller busy helping the Wagtail Animal Guardians (WAG) prepare for the “There’s No Place Like Home” Gala.  The WAG ladies are staying at the Sugar Maple Inn where they can be pampered by the staff.  Holly gets an urgent call from Rose Richardson asking her to rush over to Judge Barlow’s home.  Judge Barlow’s dog, Fritz has disappeared plus there are other strange happenings occurring.  Judge Barlow’s housekeeper has contacted Seth Bertenshaw, a pet detective, to locate the missing pooch.  Rose hosts a dinner for the WAG ladies which ends with a bang when Seth is found dead by Trixie (she has the nose).  Holly dives into the case and begins sniffing out clues.  She soon discovers that more than one of the inn’s guests had a connection to the dead detective.  It appears, though, that the killer is not done with his evil deeds.  Can Holly unmask the guilty party before it is time to don her glad rags for the gala?

My Thoughts

Big Little Spies by Krista Davis is the 7th A Paws & Claws Mystery.  I love visiting Wagtail in each delightful tale.  While Big Little Spies could be read on its own, I recommend reading this charming series in order.  Holly, Liesel, Rose, Holmes, and the other residents of Wagtail are wonderful characters.  They are developed characters who are friendly and relatable.  I love all the cats and dogs.  They run around playing, snooping, getting into mischief as well as helping find a clue now and then.  Wagtail is a special town.  I would love to live in this pet-friendly place.  The mystery is well done.  It is clever and fun to follow (and solve). There is plenty of action to keep things lively.  I enjoy following Holly and Trixie as they ask questions and dig up clues.  There are some great twists and turns in this whodunit.  There is a good wrap up at the end.  I wish all cozy mysteries were as well done as this one.  There are some recipes at the end of the book for humans and canines.  I am going to try the canine recipes (I think my fur babies will love them).  I also learned to check the ingredients on my peanut butter before giving it to my dog.  This is one of those books that you cannot wait to see how it ends, but you also do not want it do end.  I was sad to leave Wagtail, and I cannot wait for my next visit.  Big Little Spies is a captivating whodunit with a dead detective, a beastly bash, a misplaced pooch, a startling romance, a clever canine, and a crazed killer.

Big Little Spies publishes on April 6 and is available from Amazon*.  You can find the other novels in A Paws and Claws Mystery series here.  Krista Davis has The Diva Serves Forbidden Fruit releasing on May 25.  The 3rd A Pen & Ink Mystery (finally) comes out September 28 and it is titled Murder Outside the Lines.  You can find Krista Davis' other novels here.  Thank you for joining me today.  I hope everyone had a lovely Easter holiday.  Tomorrow I am featuring An Amish Barn Raising by Amy Clipston, Kelly Long, and Kathleen Fuller.    I hope you have a happy day!  Take care of yourself, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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