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Mint Condition Murder by Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs

Mint Condition Murder

Book Summary

Mint Condition Murder by Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs has Molly Appleby, a reporter with Collector’s Weekly, off to interview Charlotte Blair who has recently moved to town to open A Checkered Past.  Molly’s mother, Clara joined her so she can check out the new antiques shop. They enter the shop to find Charlotte dead.  Molly is quick to call Detective Anthony Lombardi who knows Molly will investigate and share what she learns.  Before departing the shop, Lombardi has them look at the victim’s desk.  Molly ends up finding a hidden compartment that holds an old tin with a gun and Civil War era coins.  Molly can tell that something has been bothering her mother since she picked her up.  She learns that her father, Nathan is coming to town and would like to meet with her.  Nathan left Clara and Molly when she was eight days old. Molly has not seen or heard from him since then.  Molly is not sure if she will meet with him or not.  After doing a little digging into the victim, Molly discovers a connection between Charlotte and her father’s new wife, Pamela.  She agrees to meet her father and his wife for dinner in the hopes she will get to ask a few case related questions.  Molly investigates the rare coins and learns they are connected to a fifteen-year-old murder that has yet to be solved.  The more Molly learns about Charlotte, the more potential suspects she has to add to her list.  Molly has a plan to reveal the killer, but she needs the help of her father to accomplish it.  Can Molly unmask the guilty party without putting herself and her family in danger?

My Thoughts

Mint Condition Murder by Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs is the 9th An Antiques & Collectibles Mystery.  This cozy mystery can be read on its own if you are new to the series or if you have missed a book.  I enjoyed reading this story.  Molly Appleby is a strong female protagonist who is friendly and tenacious.  She reminds me of my dog, Doozy when he has a bone.  Once he gets it, he is not giving it up.  That is Molly with a case. She was unable to interview Charlotte Blair for her column in Collector’s Weekly, but there is a story.  Molly also wants to get justice for the victim.  We get to catch up with Matt, Clara, Starling, Detective Lombardi, and little Tyler.  Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs have a good writing style (conversational).  I was instantly engaged, and my attention held until the end of the book.  The whodunit was clever the way it all tied together. There was misdirection plus multiple suspects.  I had a good time solving this mystery.  We also got to learn more about Molly and her mother as well as meet her father.  I loved the descriptions of the antiques.  There were some wonderful pieces mentioned as well as rare coins.  Mint Condition Murder combines family, friends, antiques, and mysteries into one charming cozy mystery.  

Mint Condition Murder releases Tuesday, April 20 and is available from Amazon*.  You can find the other eight An Antiques & Collectible Mysteries here.  Ellery Adams has Murder in the Cookbook Nook coming out April 27.  It is the 7th A Book Retreat Mystery.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will be back tomorrow with When a Stranger Comes to Town by Michael Koryta.  I hope you have jovial day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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