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The Heart Knows the Way Home by Christy Distler

 The Heart Knows the Way Home

Book Summary

The Heart Knows the Way Home by Christy Distler has Janna Carpenter returning to Lancaster County with her daughter after having left fourteen years ago with her mother.  She pulls up in front of her new rental to find a tree has fallen onto the roof causing damage.  Until work is completed, Janna and Kayla are unable to move into their new home.  Needing time to think, Janna drives around until her car runs out of gas.  They are fortunate to be rescued by twin sisters whom Janna know quite well.  She grew up near the Martin family and spent more time at their home than her own.  Luke Martin was her friend, and his grandmother was the mother figure in her life.  The Martins offer her the use of the daadi haus until their new home is ready.  It seems like the perfect arrangement.  There are times, though, when Janna and Luke butt heads.  Janna is used to being independent while Luke, the head of the Martin family, is used to taking care of the women in the family.  As Janna and Luke renew their friendship, they begin to feel something more for each other.  Their differences, though, could keep them apart.  What does God have in store for them?

My Thoughts

The Heart Knows the Way Home by Christy Distler is a sweet Plain story.  I thought it was well-written with developed characters.  Janna Carpenter and Luke Martin are both strong characters.  I liked seeing them work through their issues and grow as individuals.  Kayla and Joah were sweeties.  I like how their friendship mirrored that of Janna and Luke as children.  I enjoyed the setting of the Martin farm.  It sounded beautiful and peaceful.  It was interesting learning about the differences between Amish and Mennonite.  I was not aware of the different levels of Mennonite (Old Order, Progressive, Wenger are the ones mentioned in the book).  There is much discussion regarding head coverings for women.  I like the scripture that was quoted and how it is the woman’s personal choice after much thought and prayer.  I like how the romance developed between Janna and Luke.  It was not something that was rushed into. There are obstacles that must be overcome before they can think about a romantic relationship. It was interesting to learn about the diseases that affect the Amish and Mennonite people.  The author incorporated the Clinic for Special Children (CSC) into the book.  This is a wonderful nonprofit medical facility in Strasburg, Pennsylvania.    I enjoyed reading this charming story.  I hope Christy Distler continues to write Plain fiction.  My favorite phrase from The Heart Knows the Way Home is, “The wings do the flying, but the heart knows the way home.”  The Heart Knows the Way Home is a special Plain tale about friends, family, and faith.

The Heart Knows the Way Home can be obtained from Amazon*.  It can be borrowed if you are a Kindle Unlimited member.  Thank you for reading my review today.  Tomorrow I am sharing my thoughts on From Rome with Love by Kate Lloyd.  I hope all of you have an inspirational day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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