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Deadly Editions by Paige Shelton

Deadly Editions 

Book Summary 

Deadly Editions by Paige Shelton has Delany Nichols going on a treasure hunt with a grand literary prize.  The woman sponsoring the event has an unusual reputation from things she did in the 1970s.  It seems someone has decided to resurrect her old persona and commit robberies.  Then the hunts sponsor disappears.  Delany with help from some friends sets out to solve the treasure hunt and find the patroness.

My Thoughts 

Deadly Editions by Paige Shelton is the 6th novel in A Scottish Bookshop Mystery series.  It can be read as a standalone for those new to the series.  We return to Edinburgh, Scotland on a snowy day as Paige begins her day at The Cracked Spine.  Delaney is surprised when she receives a missive from wealthy Shelagh O’Connor inviting her to a pub that afternoon.  Delaney along with three others are invited to participate in a treasure hunt.  They must decipher the clues to find a valuable copy of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  The winner will receive Shelagh’s entire book collection and each participant also receives a cash bonus.  Delaney cannot pass up this opportunity.  Things take a dark turn when robberies begin happening by someone who dresses as Shelagh did in the 1970s and then Shelagh is kidnapped.  It is a pleasure to catch up with Delaney, Tom, Rosie, Edwin, Aggie, Elias, and Hamlet.  The characters are well-developed and friendly.  We meet some new people that are involved in the treasure hunt.  Shelagh is a unique character with a beautiful home and a gorgeous library (I wanted to win it).  The treasure hunt was interesting.  They visit various local pubs searching for unique clues.  The author provided vivid descriptions that brought them alive for me as well as Edinburgh.  It was great learning about Edinburgh and Robert Louis Stevenson.  There are interesting facts about The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  The mystery was thought out.  I like how everything tied together in this intricate whodunit.  Delaney’s bookish voices added another level to the story.  While I found the mystery complex, the solution was not.  I kept hoping there would be a twist to surprise me.  I also found the pacing to be a little slow at times.  I liked the cozy moments with Tom and Delaney as well as her time spent with co-workers and their friends (and temporary houseguests) Aggie and Elias.  I just loved Delaney’s attic library.  It sounds like a cozy and special place.  Deadly Editions is an intriguing cozy mystery with a tricky treasure hunt, clever clues, a large library, a valuable volume, and popular pubs.  

Deadly Editions is available from Amazon*.  You can find the other novels in A Scottish Bookshop Mystery series here.  Paige Shelton has Dark Night publishing December 7.  It is the 3rd book  Alaska Wild series.  You can find Paige Shelton's other books here.  I appreciate you stopping by today and reading my review.  I will return tomorrow to feature A Patchwork Past by Leslie Gould.  It is the 2nd tale in Plain Patterns series.  I hope that you have a cheerful day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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