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From Rome with Love by Kate Lloyd

From Rome with Love

Book Summary

From Rome with Love by Kate Lloyd has Lucy Goff working as an au pair to fifteen-year-old Tabatha Williams.  She learns the week before Christmas that she will be heading to Rome with the family.  Lucy is looking forward to exploring the city, but that those hopes are quickly dashed.  Her employers spend their time as business meetings while her charge has fluctuating mood swings and disappears frequently.  The one bright spot of the trip is the dashing Mario Russo who has offered to escort them around Rome.  Things are looking up until Brad Helstrom, Lucy’s ex-boyfriend (maybe) arrives in Rome.  Brad is unhappy that Tabatha is constantly with Lucy since the Williamses have disappeared.  Lucy finally receives a phone call from her errant employers sending Lucy and her charge back to Seattle for Christmas.  When Lucy arrives home and opens her suitcase, she finds a valuable painting that disappeared during World War II.  Lucy has more questions than answers.  One bright note is that Mario has returned to Seattle as well.  Lucy is in for an unexpected Christmas.

My Thoughts

From Rome with Love by Kate Lloyd is a unique novel.  There is a cast of diverse characters.  Lucy who went from teacher to au pair and is a recovering addict.  Her employers give her short notice that they are heading to Rome for Christmas.  They warn Lucy to keep a close eye on their daughter who behaves erratically.  There is the suave Italian, Mario Russo plus Brad Helstrom who has decided he still wishes to date Lucy.  Gretchen and Stan Williams are Lucy’s employers who own an art gallery.  They behave mysteriously in Rome before disappearing.  I like Lucy’s kind and welcoming mother who has a new beau.  There is also Lucy’s aunt, Anna and her cousin, Maureen who can be spiteful, conniving, and jealous.  I did feel that the story was disjointed, and I was left with unanswered questions at the end.  I liked the epilogue that resolved a couple of items.  I enjoyed the beautiful descriptions of Rome.  I felt like I was enjoying the sights with Lucy.  It was interesting learning about the paintings that were stolen and disappeared during World War II.  So many works of art are still missing or have disappeared into private collections which means the original owners will never get them back.  From Rome with Love is an inimitable story with romantic Rome, a prized painting, a brash boyfriend, enigmatic employers, a striking Italian, hurtful relatives, and a frustrating teen.

From Rome with Love is available from Amazon*.  You can find Kate Lloyd's other novels here.  Check out Stage Fright and Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy.  Thank you for stopping by today and reading my book review.  I will return tomorrow with Mint Condition Murder by Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs.  It is the 9th An Antiques & Collectibles Mystery.   I hope that you are having a relaxing Sunday.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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