Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stolen Child

Stolen Child by Laura Elliot is the story of a missing child.  The book is set in Ireland.  Carla Kelly is a model and the current “face” of Anticipation (a clothing line by her friend, Raine).  Carla’s face is everywhere.    Carla is married to Robert and undercover copy with the Irish Garda (police force).  Carla and Robert are expecting their first child.  Their marriage is not perfect, but they are happy.

Carla has her baby and calls her Isobel Gillian.  The little girl’s picture is in all the papers.  Then, while still in the hospital, the baby is gone.  No one saw a thing and Carla was asleep (normal after having a baby).  Isobel was taken right out of Carla’s room.  The Garda is summoned immediately, but little Isobel is gone.

Sue “Suzanne” Sheehan keeps trying to have a child, but she has suffered several miscarriages.  Her husband, David, works on an oil rig and is rarely home.  When Suzanne discovers that she is pregnant with a little girl, they are thrilled.  Then one day she suffers a miscarriage, but Suzanne does not tell anyone.  She keeps pretending that she is pregnant.  After seeing Isobel’s picture in the paper, Suzanne feels compelled to get the baby.

The story tells of what happens to both families over the years.  Carla cannot get over the loss of her daughter and continues to look for her.  Losing a child can take a huge toll on a marriage.   Suzanne has a little girl, but she is constantly worried that someone will recognize her.  Suzanne’s worries affect “Joy” (Isobel) and her marriage.

Stolen Child sounds really good, but I found it tedious, long, and predictable.  I was disappointed in this book.  The book alternates in chapters told from Carla’s and Suzanne’s point-of-view.  I found Suzanne’s chapters very incoherent and disjointed.  I found the first 5% of the book or so to be very confusing.  I was just happy when I finished this book.  I give Stolen Child 2 out of 5 stars.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Stolen Child will be released on March 27, 2015 and will be available on Kindle Unlimited.  Please note that my review is just my feelings on the book.  Every book is unique (just like people) and not all books fit all readers.  If you are not sure about a book, try a sample.  I love samples!  It is the best way to see if you will like/love the whole book.

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