Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Icing on the Corpse


Happy Release Day!  March 31, 2015!  The Icing on the Corpse is now available for purchase!  Happy Reading!

The Icing on the Corpse by Liz Mugavero is an enchanting cozy mystery.  We get to return to Frog Ledge, Connecticut where Stan Connor has been living for the last year and has started her business Pawsitively Organic (making meals and treats for pets).  It is Groundhog’s Day which is a big celebration for the town.  Stan has been chosen as the Groundhog Gift-Giver and she has to give something special to Lilypad, the groundhog.  Before the ceremony, Helga Oliver, the town historian, goes missing.  The search finds Helga dead at the bottom of the stairs (puts a damper on the festivities).   Betty Meany, the librarian, tells Stan that she is sure that Helga was murdered, but Betty makes Stan promise not to tell anyone. 

Jake McGee, owns McSwigg’s, who is Stan’s boyfriend (at least she thinks he is her boyfriend) was very close to Helga and is upset over her passing.  Jake is also having trouble with the work on the new bookstore.  Jake co-owns the building with Izzy Sweet.  The two just do not get along.  Someone has reported the house as being haunted to Adrian Fox and his show Ghosts in Your Neighborhood.  Izzy is excited and gives them permission to investigate (Jake is very disgruntled over the whole business).  Stan thinks there is something else going on and looks into the history of the building.

Stan discovers that a murder occurred in Jake and Izzy’s building over 60 years ago (it used to the site of the original library) and it was never solved.   Is there a link?  Stan is going to keep digging until she gets answers.  Stan is also busy planning a doggy wedding for a new client as well as the food and treats needed for the new clinic.  Stan has a lot on her plate including an orange cat showing up on her doorstep (with a cute note), but she wants to get to the bottom of the murders.  Will Stan be able to solve the murders without getting herself killed in the process?  Will she be able to pull off an outdoor doggy wedding in February? 

Read The Icing on the Corpse to see if Stan solves the murders and to find out more about the doggy wedding!  The Icing on the Corpse is such a cute, cozy mystery.  I give it 5 out of 5.  It has two great mysteries, fun and quirky characters, romance, and lots of cute animals!  I likes that the murders were not easy to solve and could not be work outed within the first 100 pages.  TheIcing on the Corpse is an entertaining and amusing book!

It was fun to return to the town of Frog Ledge and its colorful residents.  The Icing on the Corpse will be out on March 31, 2015!

Thank you for reading my review!  I am currently reading Herb of Grace by Adina Senft.  Have a lovely weekend and Happy Reading!


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