Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Wedding Tail: A Rescue Dog Romance

Thank you for visiting today.  I am starting to feel a little better (I can sit up for small periods of time). My mother can always tell when I am extremely sick--I do not read!  Heather Sunseri's next In Darkness book--Shot in Darkness--will be released on August 29.  It is the fourth story in the series, and they do need to be read in order.  

A Wedding Tail by Casey Griffin (aka Diane Kelly) is the third book in A Rescue Dog Romance series.  Zoe Plum is a wedding/event planner (owns Plum Crazy Events) and a representative for Pure Pleasure in San Francisco, California.  She has been working on the Fisher-Wells wedding for the last year with an extremely difficult bride.  Zoe needs the commission from this wedding to help her purchase a home of her own.  The wedding day, though, has not been going smoothly.  A sick horse (that was going to pull the carriage), a drunk uncle, missing groomsmen, air conditioning on the fritz, doves on the loose, the brides dress does not fit (a little binge eating), and now the organist is ill.  Zoe quickly recruits Levi Dolson, guest turned groomsmen turned organist, for the job.  The Fisher-Wells wedding quickly deteriorates and Zoe is out a commission.  She hopes to get some new clients at The Wedding Expo where she was to have a prime booth location.  It seems that it is not Zoe’s week.  She finds her booth moved to a back corner right next to Levi Dolson.  Levi seems intent on pursing Zoe despite her disinterest.  Then someone attacks Zoe’s van and destroys an $11,000 wedding gown.  This is just the beginning (so much more) of problems that begin to plague Zoe.  Someone is targeting her, but she does not know why. Levi wants to keep Zoe safe and show her that they can have a happily ever after (despite her beliefs). 

A Wedding Tail is a light-hearted romance novel with a mystery woven through it.  There was one zany incident after another in the book.  I am sure most people will find it amusing, but, after a while, I just found it ridiculous (plus the incidents made me nervous, stressed-out).  My mother was laughing at the antics in the beginning, but then she agreed it was over-the-top.    My rating for A Wedding Tail is 3 out of 5 stars.  I felt too time was devoted to Zoe’s sideline of selling sex toys and her copious use of them (she really should invest in rechargeable batteries since she goes through so many).  The mystery was uncomplicated.  Most readers will pick out the identity of the culprit long before the reveal.   A Wedding Tail can be read without having indulged in the first two books in A Rescue Dog Romance series. I am not the right audience for this type of story (I am too pragmatic).  Readers who enjoy comedic romances with a light (airy) mystery will like reading A Wedding Tail.  It is the perfect book to read while on summer vacation (and lounging by a lake, beach, or pool).  The other two novels in A Rescue Dog Romance series are Must Love Wieners and Beauty and the Wiener.

I hope you have a good day.  I will see you next time when I return with another book review.  Take care, stay cool and Happy Reading!

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