Monday, August 28, 2017

Shot in Darkness: In Darkness Book Four

Greetings!  I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend (for those in Texas--I pray you made it through the hurricane safely).  I spent Sunday watching murder mystery movies.  I enjoy solving the mysteries!  Today's featured writer is Heather Sunseri.  I first discovered this author when I read her Mindspeak series (young adult science fiction).  Ms. Sunseri's has also written Emerge series and her adult In Darkness series.

Shot in Darkness by Heather Sunseri is the fourth novella in the In Darkness collection.  Brooke Fairfax has agreed to housesit/pet sit for her friends, Tyler and James in Georgetown (dogs are called Thurston and Lovey—who know what show these names come from?).  The call came just when Brooke needed to get away and her old college friend, Anya Bhatia requested an in-person meeting (good timing).  Her boyfriend, Declan O’Roark was talking about their future and Brooke is not sure she is ready.  She packed up her suitcase and took off—without telling Declan.   Brooke is out with the dogs when she notices Tyler’s neighbor, Bradley getting a large package of ammunition.  She puts it aside when she sees Declan standing on the front porch (did not take him long to track her down).  They agree to not discuss the future for the next two weeks (while housesitting).  That evening on the way to the Full Court Press for her meeting with Anya she notices Bradley again.  Brooke calls Tyler to get some details while Declan heads into the bar.  Then shots ring out and, once again, Brooke’s life is in jeopardy.  But who was shot?  Does this have anything to do with Brooke asking Anya to dig for Romeo’s identity? 

Shot in Darkness contains good writing and strong characters.  I was thrilled that Shot in Darkness had a faster pace than the last two books.  It is a quick and easy novella to read (just a short story).  And at long last, it looks like the Romeo case is making headway (hooray). It was nice to see growth in Brooke’s character (about time).  I could feel the suspense during critical scenes in this story.  I can understand wanting answers about her husband, but Brooke takes things to extremes.  I give Shot in Darkness 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it).  Shot in Darkness is not a stand-alone book.  Each book in the In Darkness series builds upon the previous one.  It will be interesting to see what happens next regarding Romeo (I am just hoping it does not drag on for several more books).  The other books in the series are Exposed in Darkness (currently free on Amazon), Cut in Darkness and Covered in Darkness.  Shot in Darkness will be available on August 29!

I appreciate you visiting.  I will be featuring Assaulted Caramel by Amanda Flower on Tuesday (book release day)!  I am currently reading Sins of the Mother by Susan Boles (I am so far behind in my reading thanks to this awful flu).  I hope you have an amazing Monday (the last one of August)!  Take care and Happy Reading!

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