Friday, August 18, 2017

Trouble in Dixie: A Familiar Legacy Novel

Happy Friday!  I hope you have had a pleasant week.  Familiar Legacy is a series about a cat named Trouble who fancies himself a sleuth.  The series consists of Familiar Trouble, Trouble in Dixie and Trouble in Tallahassee which will be out on September 12.  

Trouble in Dixie by Rebecca Barrett is the second book in the Familiar Legacy series.  Julia Hampton is cat sitting, Trouble for her friend, Tammy Lynn.   Julia lives in Savannah, Georgia and is a PI for her firm, The Hampton Detective Agency. Julia’s degree in Russian Art History comes in handy when she is asked to investigate an art theft for The Weatherby Insurance Agency.  Julia is asleep when Trouble hears noises in the office below.  Julia, with Trouble’s assistance, scares off the thieves.  Nothing was taken from her office, but the intruders seemed particularly interested in her files (which are now scattered around the office).   The next day Julia heads to her meeting with Peter Ryder at The Weatherby Insurance Agency after retrieving her briefcase (she left it at her parents’ home the previous night with the files Ryder gave her).  Peter has not shown up for work and is not answering his phone.  He had asked Julia to look into the theft of a Nicolai Fechin portrait along some missing Russian jewelry.  Is Peter’s disappearance related to the thefts?   Julia with some unexpected assistance (along with Trouble) sets out to get answers and recover the missing items.

Trouble in Dixie is a light cozy mystery novel.  While the second book in the series, it can be read alone (easily).  I found the story easy to read and to have a good flow.  I also appreciated the beautiful old Southern setting of Savannah, Georgia.  However, I found the story to be lackluster (lacked dimension).  The focus is on romance (what is happening to cozy mysteries).  The mystery portion (what there is of it) is easily solved.  Most of the mystery plays out, but the bad guy can easily be picked out.  I wanted more solid content and less thinking about handsome Mitch Lawson.  Less repetition about Julia’s background would also have been appreciated (from old money, good family, etc.).  I am rating Trouble in Dixie 3 out of 5 stars.  I was entertained by Trouble’s chapters.  I liked Trouble more in Trouble in Dixie than I did in Familiar Trouble.  He was light-hearted and humorous.  Aunt Ethel was a hoot.  I wish she had been the main character (an eccentric older woman).   Trouble in Dixie is a cute story, but I am just not the right audience.  I like more mystery (complicated, hard to solve) in my cozy mysteries. If I wanted that much romance (where it dominates the book), I would (rarely) pick up a romance novel.  

I appreciate you reading my latest book review. May each of you have a stupendous Friday.  I will be reviewing Pieces of Happiness by Anne Ostby the next time.  I am enjoying Grave Errors by Carol J. Perry.  I hope each of you have a delightful book to entertain you and take you on a grand adventure.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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