Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Avoiding the Mistletoe by Anne Greene

Avoiding the Mistletoe (Mistletoe, Jingle Bells, and Second Chances #1)
Happy Boxing Day!  I hope everyone had a happy Christmas.  With Winter's First Frost by Kelly Irvin releases on February 5 along with A Rebel at Pennington's by Rachel Brimble.   Anne Greene is a Christian author whose books include A Christmas Belle, Marriage by Arrangement, A Williamsburg Christmas, Recipe for a Husband, and Angel with Steel Wings.   

Avoiding the Mistletoe by Anne Greene takes us to 1865 in Lowell, Massachusetts.  Darcy Davenport wants to become one of Asa Mercer’s mail order brides and travel to Seattle, Washington.  She refuses to go, though, without her sister, Olivia Rose Baker.  Olivia is a widow who did not find marriage agreeable thanks to her abusive husband, but there are few opportunities for them in their hometown.  When Darcy points out that teaching positions are available, Olivia reluctantly agrees.  On May 28, 1866, the Mercer Maidens (as they are called) arrive to find hundreds of men meeting the ship which only has thirty-four women on board.  Sheriff Stark Macaulay is instantly smitten with Olivia when he sees her disembark.  Olivia, though, only sees his gray Confederate uniform which reminds her of the soldiers who killed her father and husband at Gettysburg.  Within a short amount of time, Olivia is the only woman from the ship who has yet to marry.  While she is teaching at the Central School in town, he insists she fulfill her contract.  Olivia must pick a man to marry by Christmas or pay back the $300 passage.  Or Asa Mercer will pick a husband for her.  If Stark is to win Olivia’s hand, he will need to show her that he is nothing like her deceased husband.

Avoiding the Mistletoe is a charming Christian romance.  I found it to be well-written with steady pacing.  I liked the characters in the story.  I thought Olivia was the perfect sister for Darcy.  Darcy is flighty and fanciful while Olivia is down-to-earth and cautious.  Stark is a widower who came to Seattle for a fresh start.  He has dreams for his future and they did not include a new wife until he sets his eyes on Olivia.  It was cute how the mistletoe featured in the story.  Christian elements included in Avoiding the Mistletoe are the importance of faith, prayer and trust.  Second chances are possible if you are willing to open your heart to new possibilities.  I enjoyed seeing how Stark and Olivia overcome the past in the hope of having a rewarding future together.  Avoiding the Mistletoe is a sweet novella about love, hope and second chances.   

Avoiding the Mistletoe along with many of Anne Greene's other stories are available on Kindle Unlimited.  Thank you for visiting today.  I am departing from the Christmas books tomorrow to share my review of A Woman of Courage:  Collectors Edition continues the story of Little Faw by Wanda E. Brunstetter tomorrow.  The hard copy is just beautiful.  I hope you have a relaxing day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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