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Tiny House in the Trees by Celia Bonaduce: A Tiny House Novel

Happy December!  A Bad, Bad Thing by Elena Forbes is out today along with a Woman of Courage:  Collector's Edition Continues the Story of Little Fawn by Wanda E. Brunstetter (the hard copy is just lovely). 

Tiny House in the Trees by Celia Bonaduce takes us to Cobb, Kentucky.  Molly McGinnis is working on her master’s thesis in civil engineering while waitressing at Crabby’s Restaurant.  It is a constant struggle with money, and Molly is three months in arrears on her rent.  Then the owner of Crabby’s decides to close the business and Molly is out of job.  She is thankful when dreamboat Quinn Casey offers her a position at his Christmas tree farm.  Molly is hoping the trees will provide inspiration for her thesis project and that Quinn will see her in a different light.  She has had a crush on Quinn, but Molly has trouble talking when he is around.  Bale Barrett owns Bale’s Tiny Dreams and enjoys bouncing ideas off Molly for his tiny homes.  Bale has fallen for Molly, but she only sees him as a friend.  When Molly and her African Grey parrot, Galileo find themselves homeless, she decides to take up residence in one of Bale’s tiny homes without asking his permission.  Molly is making progress of on her thesis project thanks to Bale when tragedy strikes.  To find out what happens to Molly, pick up Tiny House in the Trees.

 A Tiny House Novel (3 Book Series) by  Celia Bonaduce
While Tiny House in the Trees is the third A Tiny House Novel, it can be read alone. Each book focuses on a different woman and a tiny house.   I thought the book contained good writing and steady pacing.  Molly is a unique individual who has too many ideas for her thesis and has trouble focusing on the project at hand.  She is supposed to graduate in June, but Molly keeps making changes to her thesis project which is not a hit with Professor Cambridge (a member of her thesis committee).  When she finds herself homeless, she comes up with various solutions.  Molly is her own worst enemy (her antics made me cringe).  She acted more like a teenager than a woman in her 20s (she has growing up to do). I was happy to see her grow as a person.  The two men in the story are opposites (of course).  Quinn has a lackadaisical attitude towards work and prefers to spend his time gambling and flirting with women.  Bale is a hardworking man who creates unique tiny homes that he displays at conventions around the country.  He has fallen in love with Molly, but she sees him as a friend.  Bale would like to move forward with his life, but Molly ends up in his backyard needing help.  I enjoyed the descriptions of Bale’s creative tiny homes.  I was not a fan, though, of Molly’s foul mouthed bird, Galileo.  I could have done without the foul language.  Tiny House in the Trees is a light-hearted, cute romance novel that I am giving 3 out of 5 stars.

The other two novels in A Tiny House Novel series are Tiny House on the Hill and Tiny House on the Road.  Thank you for joining me today.  I am going to feature Cut to the Chaise by Karen Rose Smith tomorrow.  It is the eighth A Caprice De Luca Mystery.  May you have a congenial day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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