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A Wish for Home by Jo Ann Brown

A Wish for Home

Book Summary

A Wish for Home by Jo Ann Brown has Lauren Nolt stranded in Bliss Valley when her car breaks down during a snowstorm after hitting a large pothole.  Lauren’s family left the Amish just before her fourteenth birthday and she has been living Englisch since then.  She is only in the area on an important business deal that could get her a promotion she wants so she can take care of her parents.  Lauren stays with her great aunt Sylvia Nolt at The Acorn Farm Inn.  Unfortunately, Lauren runs into her childhood tormentor, Adam Hershberger who lives next door to Sylvia.  Adam is a widower with a young daughter to raise.  He also takes care of the family farm, his great-grandfather, and two teenage cousins.  Lauren receives some startling news from her parents that leaves her reeling.  She finds herself confiding in Adam and spending time with his adorable little girl.  Then Lauren’s business deal threatens Adam’s farm which has Adam needing her help.  What does God have planned for Lauren and Adam?

My Thoughts

A Wish for Home by Jo Ann Brown is the first book in Secrets of Bliss Valley series.  I have read several of Jo Ann Brown’s books, and I have enjoyed each one of them.  I thought A Wish for Home was well-written with relatable characters.  A Wish for Home is more than “a girl-and-boy who dislike each other and later realize they are in love” story.  Someone is setting fires in Bliss Valley that is causing significant damage as well as costing the Amish a large amount of money to rebuild.  Also, Lauren receives some unexpected news from her shunned parents.  It turns her world upside down.  Sylvia Nolt and Grossdawdi Ephraim are delightful characters as well as Adam’s daughter.  They provide humor and sweet moments.  I appreciated the epilogue that nicely wrapped up book.  My favorite phrase from the story is, “To trust God knows the best path for my life, especially when I don’t have the slightest idea what it is.”  I am eager to read the next Secrets of Bliss Valley novel.  A Wish for Home is a charming Amish tale with a mischievous moppet, a grumbling grossdawdi, an astute aunt, surprising secrets, a cunning cousin, and baffling fires.  

A Wish for Home is available from Amazon*.  You can find Jo Ann Brown's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today and reading my review.  There are some great new books out today.  They include:  A New Love for Charlotte by Amy LillardPhantoms and Felonies by Lucy Ness, Pine Creek Courtship by Amity Hope, Bodies and Bows by Elizabeth Penney, A Patchwork Past by Leslie Gould, Fresh Brewed Murder by Emmeline Duncan, Under the Cover of Murder by Lauren Elliott, For All She Knows by Jamie Beck, Checking out Crime by Laurie Cass, No Way Out by Fern Michaels, Murder at the Taffy Shop by Maddie Day, and Mrs. Morris & the Sorceress by Traci Wilton.  So many books and so little time to read. Tomorrow I am featuring Bodies and Bows by Elizabeth Penney.  It is the 3rd book in The Apron Shop Series.  I hope that you have cheery day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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