Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Who's That Witch by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson


Book Summary

Who’s That Witch? by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson has Abby Odell notices some odd events in Holiday Hills, Georgia.  Stella sees a broom sweeping the sidewalk on her own and then the down descends into darkness in the middle of the day. Humans are not meant to see magic and it is causing havoc.  Abby sets out to discover who is behind these events.  Is the witch doing it for fun or are they trying to expose magic?  Abby needs to work quickly before they have another Salem on their hands and the Holiday Hills they all love is gone forever.  

My Thoughts

Who’s That Witch? by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson is the 3rd tale in The Holiday Hills Witch Cozy Mystery Series.  I do recommend reading the series in order.  I found myself lost in the beginning since I have not read the previous two books.  I was able to pick up information on our main character and her friends as I got further into this amusing paranormal mystery.  I found the story easy to read with quirky characters.  My favorite character being Abby’s familiar, Cooper.  I enjoyed his snarky and sassy comments.  The mystery of who was behind the magical mischief was fun.  I liked the humor in the story that kept it upbeat.  There is some repetition of details and I wish the author hade provided Abby’s backstory at the beginning.  Who’s That Witch? provides a great break from the everyday world.  Clint Eastwood fans will find themselves chuckling over Prince Charming’s antics and lines.  Who’s That Witch? is a merry tale with magic, mayhem, and mystery.  

Who's That Witch? is available from Amazon* and it can be borrowed through Kindle Unlimited.  You can find the other novels in A Holiday Hills Witch Cozy Mystery series hereAnother Witch Bites the Dust is the 4th book in the series and it releases October 19.  You can find Carolyn Ridder Aspenson's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by and reading my review today.  I will be back tomorrow with my thoughts on Fatal Fried Rice by Vivien Chien.  It is the 7th A Noodle Shop Mystery.  The other new books out today is A Deadly Chapter by Essie Lang.  I hope that you have an enchanted day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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