Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Affair by Danielle Steel


Book Summary

The Affair by Danielle Steel has Rose McCarthy as editor-in-chief of Mode Magazine facing a dilemma.  Her staff wishes to feature Pascale Solon, an up-and-coming actress on the September cover.  Pascale has been in the press because her affair with Nicolas Bateau, a bestselling French author, was exposed at Cannes Film Festival.  Rose is hesitating because Nicolas is her son-in-law and she does not wish to hurt her daughter, Nadia.  Nadia is devastated by her husband’s public affair.  She does not wish the news to get back to her two daughters.  Nadia’s three sisters love her and dislike seeing her in distress.  They are there for Nadia and support whatever choices she makes regarding her marriage.  The McCarthy ladies come together for the Fourth of July at the Bateau chateau.  The four sisters are strong, smart, and talented.  Athena is a well-known television chef, Venetia is a high-end fashion designer, and Olivia is a superior court judge.  The family offers helpful advice along with their love, but Nadia is the one who needs to decide what is best for her and her girls.  Then the news breaks that Pascale is pregnant.  Nicolas is torn between the wife he loves and the woman who stimulates him in other ways.  Nadia is at a turning point in her life.  What choices will Nadia make?

My Thoughts

The Affair is the latest novel by Danielle Steel.  I found it easy to read with Danielle Steel’s trademark writing style.  I have been reading this author’s novels since I was twelve (I borrowed them from my mother and then the library).  Despite the subject matter, it is an easy breezy type of book.  A husband has an affair, and we see how it affects his wife and children. The situation is further complicated because the mistress is an actress, and he is a bestselling novelist.  The point-of-view switches between Nadia, Nicolas, and Rose.  We get to see each person’s point-of-view on the affair and how it affects them.  We go from Paris to LA and to New York as well as the French countryside.  The author provides good descriptions of each character which allowed me to visualize them.  I liked seeing Nadia develop into a stronger more confident woman. We also get to the see the four sisters strengthen their bond.  This story did not play out as I expected which was great.  I like that the women are smart and driven.  It is wonderful that the author gave us strong female characters.   There is plenty of glamour as well in the story (it would not be a Danielle Steel novel without a little glitz).  There is some mild foul language in the book plus a repetition of information.  I do not need a character’s backstory repeated to me several times nor the details of the affair.  The Affair was a wonderfully distracting novel.  I enjoy books that takes your mind of your own worries.  The Affair is a poignant novel with a frustrating affair, sensitive sisters, a compassionate mother, a self-absorbed thespian, a sinister secret, a problematic pregnancy, and a reckless spouse.

The Affair is available from Amazon*.  You can find Danielle Steel's other novels here.  Danielle Steel's next release is Finding Ashley on April 27.  She has Nine Lives publishing on July 6.  Thank you for reading my review today.  Tomorrow I am a stop on the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour for Haunted Hibiscus.  It is the 13th A Tea Shop Mystery.   I hope that you have a fun day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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