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Pine Creek Courtship by Amity Hope

Pine Creek Courtship

Book Summary

Pine Creek Courtship by Amity Hope has Emma Ziegler struggling to raise her siblings while managing the family farm.  Her Aunt Naomi’s solution is to sell the family farm to Amos Stoltzfus and have Emma become his bride.   The last thing Emma wishes to do is marry Amos who has a bad reputation.  Aunt Naomi also wants to take Ezekiel and Sadie, Emma’s siblings with her.  Levi Bontrager and Emma have been friends since they were children until he did something that drove a wedge between them.  When Levi hears the aunt’s plans, he steps in to state that Emma cannot wed anyone else because they are courting.  Emma is not comfortable lying so Levi suggests that they court.  This is Levi’s chance to win back Emma’s trust back as well as her heart.  Is there a hope for Emma and Levi?

My Thoughts

Pine Creek Courtship by Amity Hope is the first book in the Pine Creek Series.  I enjoyed reading this sweet Amish novel.  It was a nice change of pace from the other books that I have been reading and real life.  I thought Pine Creek Courtship was well-written with good characters and steady pacing.  I like Emma Ziegler who has been through so much.  She is working hard to maintain the family farm while caring for her younger siblings.  They also have the maple trees to care for as well (they tap the trees for the sap that they turn into maple syrup).  Emma can be stubborn though (she has her pride as well).  Levi Bontrager is a good man with a caring heart.  He loves Emma and wants to help her and keep her safe.  I like all the characters in the story especially Emma’s brother, Ezekiel.  Sadie, Emma’s sister, had a fondness for animals.  She has unique chickens (it was interesting learning about them) and raises goats (makes yummy cheese).  I love the drama in the story.  It gives the book additional depth and interest.  I like how the romance played out between Levi and Emma.  There are good values in the story.  I like how the Amish in this story care for their families and help others in the community.  I am looking forward to the next book in the Pine Creek series.  Pine Creek Courtship is a charming Amish tale with strong characters, a pastoral setting, delightful drama, a caring cousin, a rewarding romance, and sweet siblings.  

Pine Creek Courtship publishes March 30 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon*.  This is Amity Hope's first Amish novel.  I look forward to her next one.  Thank you for reading my review.  Tomorrow I am discussing Paddlers, Promises, and Poison by Tonya Kappes.  It is the 16th A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery.  I hope you have a positive day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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