Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Bookshop at Peony Harbor by Rosie Summers


Book Summary

The Bookshop at Peony Harbor by Rosie Summers has Eloise Paisley surprised when she receives a letter from her grandmother who has been dead twenty years.  She finds the deed to a bookshop on Main Street inside along with a note.  Eloise finds the building in bad condition.  It will need more than elbow grease to bring it back up to snuff.  Eloise would love to fix up the bookshop, but she is lacking funds since her divorce.  With a big tax bill coming due on her beloved family cottage, Eloise may have to may a heartbreaking decision.  

My Thoughts 

The Bookshop at Peony Harbor by Rosie Summers is a charming family tale.  Eloise Paisley has been divorced two years and she is just beginning to find joy again.  She is fortunate to have bought out her ex-husband’s share of Paisley House that has been in her family for three generations.  Unfortunately, Eloise had to take out a loan in order to accomplish the task.  Work is scarce on Aster Island which has Eloise facing financial difficulties.    I thought The Bookshop at Peony Harbor was well-written with steady pacing.  I liked the characters in this store especially Penny, Eloise’s granddaughter.  She was a charmer.  It is sweet that close relationship Eloise had with her three children.  She has three grown children who have come home for Penny’s fourth birthday.  Each child has a problem of their own that is addressed in the story.  Eloise has not dated since her divorce.  Then Eloise meets Luke who is visiting Aster Island.  They get along from the very beginning plus Eloise feels a spark of attraction.  I enjoyed watching Eloise and Luke get to know each other.  The relationship progressed slowly which I appreciated.  It was sweet and old fashioned.  I enjoyed the descriptions of Aster Island, the shops, the beach, and Paisley House.  I could picture it all from the lovely word imagery.  The Bookshop at Peony Harbor is a great escape novel.  I love a book that captures my attention and holds it.  I am looking forward to reading the next An Aster Island Novel.  

The Bookshop at Peony Harbor is available from Amazon*.  It can be borrowed through Kindle Unlimited.  You can find Rosie Summers' other novels here including the other An Aster Island NovelsComing Home to Peony Harbor releases June 1.  Thank you for reading my book review today.  An Amish Homecoming by Rosalind Lauer what I plan to discuss next time.  I hope you have a sunny day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading! 



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