Thursday, March 4, 2021

Coming Home to the Four Streets by Nadine Dorries


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Coming Home to the Four Streets by Nadine Dorries is the 4th book in The Four Streets series.  Eric, the local milkman, looks forward to having a morning cuppa with Maggie Trott each day.  It gives them a chance to be close and flirt.  After all, Eric is married to the acerbic Gladys.  Eric just hopes that word never gets back to Gladys.  Peggy Nolan is not doing well since Maura Doherty departed for Ireland.  Maura kept Peggy on a schedule and made sure that Peggy and her family had food to eat.  Paddy Nolan rarely heads to the docks to pick up work preferring to spend his time at the local pub spending what little money he has earned.  Maura and Tommy miss the Four Streets.  Life is Ireland is not what they expected.  It is a hard life running Talk of the Town with little profit.  Maura misses her friends, and she is worried about her son, Harry who is being ill-treated by the local schoolteacher.  Callum is staying out of trouble, but his twin is getting out of jail soon.  His mother, Annie sees only the best in Jimmy, but Callum worries that Jimmy will cause more trouble upon his release.  Some people are betting that Jimmy will be back in jail before a week is out. The neighborhood looks forward to the carnival each year which is in a few weeks, and they rely on Captain Conor’s ship to supply some needed items.  Unfortunately, there has been no word on the ship and supplies are running low.  I found this historical novel easy to read with a cast of realistic characters.  I thought the author captured the time-period and the locale.  We get to see the hardscrabble life the dock workers and their families experience.  They may not have many physical luxuries, but the people in Four Streets have each other.  They help each other out when in need.  The book does contain foul language and intimate situations. The Four Streets series does need to be read in order because information that is needed is not included in Coming Home to the Four Streets. Coming Home to the Four Streets has a good ending that will make readers of the series smile. If you enjoy dramatic historical sagas, then you will like reading Coming Home to the Four Streets.  

Coming Home to the Four Streets can be obtained from Amazon*.  The Four Streets series includes The Four Streets, Hide Her Name, and The Ballymara Road.   You can find Nadine Dorries other novels here.  Thank you for reading my review today.  Tomorrow I am a stop on the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour for Double or Muffin by Victoria Hamilton.  It is the 7th A Merry Muffin Mystery. I am off to move things off my carpet.  We are still in the process of doing repairs to our new place.  We are storing excess items at the back of the carport.  Because of the rules of the community, we were very careful.  We have them under a large tarp and hidden with sun sunshades at front and side (looks very nice especially compared to other people's carports where I have seen a shower curtain hiding items, an extra fridge, storage containers, etc.).  The only way you know there is anything hidden back there is if you go back there and life up the tarp.  The manager of the complex is doing her yearly inspections.  Evidently, our items are an eyesore and must be moved.  Evidently she is not aware that it takes weeks to get flooring because of the pandemic (of course, the walls still need to be painted).  Wish me luck in my endeavor.  I hope that you have a cheerful day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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