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A New Love for Charlotte by Amy Lillard

A New Love for Charlotte

Book Summary

A New Love for Charlotte by Amy Lillard has Charlotte Burkhart feeling out of sorts.  With her daughter married and her mother-in-law soon to be wed, Charlotte is not looking forward to living alone.  When Charlotte sees Glenn Esh in church, she feels that he is the answer to her prayers.  She knows that she is meant to marry him and immediately invites him to dinner.  Paul Brenneman is Charlotte’s neighbor and best friend. Lately, though, Paul’s feelings have been changing and he finds himself falling in love with Charlotte.  Before Paul can express his feelings to her, Charlotte begins courting Glenn.  One evening, Charlotte’s dog begins barking.  They find a baby in a basket on the doorstep with a note asking them to take care of her.  The moment Charlotte holds the baby, she knows this is what she has been missing.  Glenn is not thrilled with the new addition.  Charlotte wants to adopt the baby, but the system would prefer a married couple for the little girl.  Paul would happily marry Charlotte.  Second chances at love do not come around often.  What are God’s plans for Paul, Charlotte, and one sweet baby girl?  

My Thoughts

A New Love for Charlotte by Amy Lillard is the 11th A Wells Landing Romance and the third novel revolving around The Burkhart family (Loving Jenna and Romancing Nadine are the other two).   A New Love for Charlotte can be read as a standalone for those new to the series.  I thought the book was well-written with complex characters.  Charlotte Burkhart is feeling adrift with her daughter married and her mother-in-law to soon be wed.  She is also feeling out of sorts and snapping at people for no reason.  When Charlotte sees Glenn Esh at church, she feels that God has answered her prayers.  Charlotte is a strong, stubborn woman who has a strong faith.  She is also a caring woman who thought her daughter would always be with her because of the brain injury she suffered.  You can tell how much she loves Jenna (her daughter) and cares for Nadine, her mother-in-law.  Nadine and Charlotte have a unique relationship.  They are there for each other in times of need and I enjoy their banter.  I could feel Charlotte’s emotions (pain, frustration, sadness as well as joy).  Paul Brenneman is a kind, thoughtful man.  He is patient and is a good friend to Charlotte. There is humor scattered throughout the story that had me grinning and sometimes laughing.  I thought it was great that the friends got together each week for puzzle night.  They certainly had a unique way of working puzzles.  I liked that we got to catch up with the characters from the other books in the series.  The ending was warm and a good wrap up.  I enjoyed reading this sweet, heartwarming Amish tale.  I look forward to Amy Lillard’s next uplifting tale.  A New Love for Charlotte is a heartening story with a peppy pooch, a fancy Amish man, an abandoned baby, a selfless friend, perplexing puzzles, and an abundance of baked goods.  

A New Love for Charlotte publishes March 30 and is available for pre-order from Amazon*.  You can find the other Wells Landing Romance novels here.  Check out Amy Lillard's other books. She has A Murder Like No Author releasing on November 30.  I hope I have helped you find a new book, series, or author today.  I appreciate you stopping by today and reading my review.  I hope you have a fun day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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