Friday, July 16, 2021

A Spell for Trouble by Esme Addison

A Spell For Trouble
Book Summary

A Spell for Trouble by Esme Addison has Alex Daniels returning to Bellamy Bay, North Carolina for the first time since her mother passed away about twenty years ago.  Alex is happy to be reacquainted with her Aunt Lidia and her cousins.  She begins working in Botanika, the family apothecary, learning to make candles, teas, salves, and soaps.  When Randy Bennett ends up dead after an altercation with Aunt Lidia, Detective Jack Frazier arrests Lidia for murder.  Alex is determined to find who framed her aunt.  While Alex digs for helpful intel, the local reporter begins printing salacious tales stating Alex’s family is descended from mermaids and have special abilities.  Alex’s digging uncovers long buried secrets that people do not want exposed.  Could one of them have gotten Randy Bennett killed?

My Thoughts

A Spell For Trouble by Esme Addison is the debut of An Enchanted Bay Mystery series.  I enjoyed reading this paranormal cozy mystery.  I thought A Spell For Trouble was well-written with developed characters.  The author took the time to set the stage as I call it.  We are introduced to the characters and the town.  I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of Bellamy Bay.  Alex Daniels is a complex woman.  She is a little lost when she arrives in town, but Alex soon becomes a strong protagonist.  She is a woman that readers will like and will cheer her on.  I like that she is proactive in investigating.  I enjoyed getting to know Alex and her smart, intuitive canine, Athena.  Alex has a kind aunt and friendly cousins.  I thought the secondary characters were developed and they round out the cast nicely.  They definitely enhanced the story.  The mystery was entertaining. I love a complex whodunit that is full of twists and surprises.  This was a fun one to solve.  There are several themes woven into A Spell For Trouble that include a magical ancestry, family rivalries, a murder, secrets, innuendo, and the importance of family.  The magical components are compelling and nicely incorporated into the story.  A Spell For Trouble is a great start to this enchanting series.   I am eager to read A Hex for DangerA Spell for Trouble is a magical tale with an instinctive canine, kind cousins, a messy murder, a fervent reporter, a bitter brew, and helpful healers.  

A Spell for Trouble is available from Amazon*.  The ebook is currently $1.99 on Amazon (price can change at any moment).  The second book in An Enchanted Bay Mystery series is A Hex for Danger which I am featuring tomorrow.  I appreciate you joining me today and reading my review.  I am off to finish preparation for my mother's birthday celebration.  She is seventy-seven today.  I am hoping the special gift I got her arrives in time (if not, I printed off a picture and put it in a pretty envelope).  I ordered early, but it is a custom item.  It is a good thing that I made it a birthday week (a gift each day).  I even have a birthday cake inflatable for the yard.  I want her to have a special day.  I hope that you have a tranquil day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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