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The Mothers of Victory Street by Pam Howes

 The Mothers of Victory Street
Book Summary

From Amazon charts bestseller Pam Howes comes a heartbreaking and uplifting historical novel about a young woman trying to snatch her chance at happiness amongst the ruins of World War Two.

1946, LiverpoolBella Harrison cannot believe the devastating war that stole the lives of her father and sister is truly over at last. She wonders how they will ever rebuild Victory Street with the city in ruins, and half their neighbours gone. But for now, she and her childhood sweetheart Bobby are happy newlyweds, doting on Bella’s little son, her child with black American pilot, Earl Franklin Junior.

With the other members of Bella’s wartime singing trio, The Bryant Sisters, busy starting families of their own, Bella focuses on recording and writing songs with her husband. Everything seems to be falling into place until they get a surprising letter: Earl is moving to England and wants to see them.

Earl arrives and is delighted to see that his son is well and happy. He joins them as a singer and together, they start recording songs. But one night as Earl leaves the recording studio, a racist gang brutally attacks him and sets the place alight, leaving Bobby trapped inside. Meanwhile, Bella is at home, waiting to tell Bobby a devastating secret…

With peace in Liverpool at last, Bella had hoped for a brighter future. But as she faces her life being ripped apart once again, can she rediscover the strength that carried her through the war?

My Thoughts

The Mothers of Victory Street by Pam Howes has readers journeying back in time to 1946 in Wavertree where Bella, Fran, and Edie (aka The Bryant Sisters) are moving on with their lives now that the war is over.  The three women are married and live near each other.  With the war over, the families can now get on with their postwar lives.  We get to join The Bryant Sisters and their families as they experience life’s ups and downs.  I thought The Mothers of Victory Street was well-written with steady pacing.  The characters are realistic and developed.  I like that the author gives us a realistic look at life (it is not all sunshine and rainbows).  The Mothers of Victory Street is a full book with romance, tragedy, heartbreak, grief, births, and shocking surprises.   The book description does not do this novel justice.  That is only one storyline in the book.  While The Mothers of Victory Street can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading the series in order.  I enjoyed reading this delightful story that transports readers back to postwar Liverpool.  I stayed up late to find out how The Mothers of Victory Street would end.  I did feel a bit of a letdown with one storyline which really did not have a shocking upset.  I thought the author captured time and place especially with her timely movie references.  The Bryant Sisters is my favorite series by Pam Howes.  The Mothers of Victory Street is a charming historical saga with a bouncing baby, a tragic accident, new neighbors, an alienated daughter, a wonderful wedding, and melodic mates. 

The Mothers of Victory Street is available from Amazon*.  If you belong to Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow it for free.  You can find the other two novels in The Bryant Sisters series here.  Check out Pam Howes other novels here.  I wanted to share the new serialized fiction platform called Amazon Vella with you.  The stories are told "one short episode at a time".  All the genres are represented including cozy mysteries.  You should check it out when you get an opportunity.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will return tomorrow to share my thoughts on Murder in a Teacup by Vicki Delany.  It is the 2nd A Tea by the Sea Mystery.  I hope that you have a blissful day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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