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Love's Dwelling by Kelly Irvin

 Love's Dwelling

Book Summary

Cassie Yoder loves her job as a housekeeper for elderly couple Job and Dinah Keim. Their only children, a son and daughter, left the Haven, Kansas, district and their faith more than twenty years earlier with no contact. Cassie feels for the Keims because her own parents’ infertility struggles left her an only child in a community where big families are a blessing.

When Child Protective Services shows up on the Keims’ doorstep with their five grandchildren, their quiet lives—and Cassie’s—are turned upside down. Mason, the oldest grandson at twenty-two, believes his siblings should be his responsibility and struggles with giving the Keims authority.

Moving in with the Keims, Cassie jumps in with both feet and is happy for the challenge of caring for these English-raised children.

Mason and Cassie strike up an uneasy alliance that turns into friendship, and then something more, but neither dares to admit it. Can an English man and an Amish woman find common ground and a home together? 
My Thoughts

Love’s Dwelling by Kelly Irvin is a poignant novel.  This is a book that I stayed up late reading (you should have seen me trying to read while I made dinner and did the dishes).  It is so much more than an Amish romance novel which I loved.  I thought Love’s Dwelling was well-written with developed characters. We go to Yoder, Kansas where Cassie Weaver works for Dinah and Job Keim as their housekeeper.  They are shocked when a social worker arrives with five young kids along with a man in his 20s.  It turns out that their daughter who left twenty-three years ago has passed away and left guardianship of her children to them.  Her oldest son, Mason Keim (22) does not want to lose contact with his half siblings.  Cassie offers to move in to help with the kids since Dinah has health issues.  Cassie quickly falls in love with the kids.  Mason finds Cassie easy to talk to and they become friends.  Mason wants to learn more about his heritage and how his siblings will be raised.  The more Mason learns, the more he finds it appealing.  But Mason is unsure if he could transition from his Englisch lifestyle.  He finds himself falling for Cassie, but, as Mason has been warned, love is not a reason to become Amish.  What path will Mason take?  Love’s Dwelling is an emotional novel as the Keim’s grandchildren adjust to their new life.  These kids have not had the easiest life and they have just lost their mother.   They are being taken away from everything that is familiar.  Little Jennie, the Keim’s youngest grandchild, is the show stealer.  She is a cutie.  Family, forgiveness, acceptance, and faith are the central themes of Love’s Dwelling.   Learning to deal with regrets is another issue addressed.  I like that the Amish do not force their beliefs on the kids or Mason.  They live by example.  You also get to see the differences between the Amish and the Englisch (besides the obvious).  The ending nicely wrapped up the story.   I am eager for the next book in the Amish Blessings seriesLove’s Dwelling is a touching Amish tale with grief-stricken grandchildren, a helpful housekeeper, debilitating diabetes, a searching sibling, grateful grandparents, and scrumptious cake. 

Love's Dwelling can be purchased from Amazon*.  You can find Kelly Irvin's other novels here.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and reading my review.  I will return on Monday with A Pumpkin Spice Killing by Lynn Cahoon.  It is the latest A Farm-to-Fork Mystery.  I hope you have a relaxing weekend.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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