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When We Meet Again by Caroline Beecham

When We Meet Again
Book Summary

An emotionally compelling tale of love and mystery set in the publishing world of World War II London, When We Meet Again tells the story of a mother searching for her stolen child, and illustrates the unbreakable bonds among families, lovers, and readers under the shadow of war.

London, 1943: War and dwindling resources have taken their toll on the book publishing industry, but Alice Cotton, a young editor at Partridge Press, has seen her star begin to rise. She has a knack for creating new books to distract readers from the grim realities of the war. And the demand for books is greater than ever, both on the battlefield and on the home front. But just as her hard work seems poised to pay off, Alice unexpectedly falls pregnant.

Facing the stigma of being an unwed mother, Alice flees to a small town to give birth to her child, Eadie, whom her family has promised to help raise. Instead, her mother sells the newborn to "baby farmers" who plan to give the child up for a private adoption. Alice begins her desperate hunt to find the daughter she never planned for but suddenly deeply loves.

Alice's story intertwines with that of Theo Bloom, an American editor tasked with helping Partridge Press overcome the publishing obstacles of the war. Theo and Alice are quickly drawn to each other during their darkest hours, bound by hope, love, secrets, and the belief that books have the power to change lives.
My Thoughts

When We Meet Again by Caroline Beecham transports readers back to 1943 in London where Alice Cotton is on the hunt for her missing child.  When not working on a special project at Partridge Press, Alice is busy trying to find those who can help her locate her daughter.  Theo Bloom is ordered to London by his boss and his fiancee’s father to help the flagging Partridge Press.  Alice’s project intrigues him any so does the woman who came up with the idea.  Alice has been betrayed by one man and does not wish to trust another.  Theo can tell something is bothering Alice.  Can he find a way to help her as well as save Partridge Press?  When We Meet Again contains good writing, but I find the pacing to be on the slow side.  The writing is descriptive which is good and bad. It allows a reader to visualize exactly what the author is describing, but it also slows down the pacing of the story.  I wished the author could have found a balance.  The character of Alice Cotton is well-developed and realistic.  I could understand her being frantic at the loss of her daughter.  I did feel she was a tad overly dramatic at times.  I thought Theo was another developed character.  I liked getting to know him.  Ursula, Alice’s co-worker and mentor, is a good woman who tells it like it is.  Penny, Alice’s friend, is a good soul.  I did not feel we really got to know her well.  I thought the author captured World War II in London with the bombings, the feelings, and the shortages.  I enjoyed learning more about publishing in London and the paper shortages.  I was shocked to learn about baby farming.  I cannot imagine learning that your child has been turned over to one of these duplicitous people.  When We Meet Again has some interesting parts, but I found the story to be depressing and dull.  It needed action, joy, and humor to provide balance.  For those who enjoy melodramatic tales, then you should check out When We Meet Again.  When We Meet Again is a poignant historical story with a gone girl, baby farm bullies, paper paucities, firm friends, Machiavellian men, and one worried woman.  

When We Meet Again can be purchased from Amazon.  You can find Caroline Beecham's other novels here.  Thank you for reading my review today.  I really do appreciate it.  I will be back tomorrow with my thoughts on a book that I have recently read.  I am off to put together a new cat tree.  The cats need a taller one that will allow them to see out the window (the one they had was too short).  It has a ladder, two hammocks, and a hidey hole.  I think they will love it, but I do not know how long it will last (my cats are lethal with cat trees).  I hope that you have a joyful day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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