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An Unexpected Amish Courtship by Rachel J. Good

 An Unexpected Amish Courtship
Book Summary

Sometimes love, guided by the Grace of God, is found in the most unexpected places or in unexpected ways. And in USA Today bestselling author Rachel J. Good's second Surprised by Love romance, the bustling Green Valley Farmer's Market and Auction is the perfect setting for a shy man who trains assistance dogs and a young woman with fledgling a homemade pet food business to find love when they least expect it...

The luscious scent of fresh-picked peaches and summer apples...the warming promise of grilled corn, sweet and savory baked goods...and love. In Rachel J. Good's uplifting Amish romance series, blessed hearts come together in a bustling Pennsylvania community and farmer's market...

Jilted by her first love, Sovilla Mast fled her hometown to live in Pennsylvania with an aunt she's never met. Only after she arrives does she realize that the cantankerous woman has left the faith and alienated everyone around her. To take her mind off her sadness, Sovilla turns to baking homemade pet food and treats to sell at the Valley Green Farmer's Market. It's there she meets dog breeder Isaac Lantz...

Shy and kind-hearted, Isaac breeds Labrador retrievers and works as a puppy raiser for assistance dogs. When he and Sovilla bond at the market, he is immediately drawn to her. And when he tells her he needs a new puppy raiser, Sovilla jumps at the chance. But as their friendship deepens, Isaac can't help but notice that Sovilla keeps herself at a safe distance. Gaining a puppy's trust and affection has been easy for Isaac, yet he has no idea how to win the heart of the woman he's fallen in love with--until Sovilla needs advice in dealing with her aunt. Soon, Isaac is putting his lessons from man's best friend, and his faith, to work for the good of all involved...

My Thoughts

An Unexpected Amish Courtship by Rachel J. Good has Sovilla Mast’s life changing rapidly after her Uncle Lloyd decides he can no longer afford to run two households.  He sells Sovilla’s family home along with their furniture.  Sovilla’s mother has a different plan for her.  She sends Sovilla to stay with her sister, Wilma Mast in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania who left the community as a teen to keep her away from her uncle’s caustic tongue and her cousin’s bullying.  Unbeknownst to Sovilla’s mother, Wilma has a sharp tongue of her own.  Isaac Lantz, a dog breeder, finds himself drawn to Sovilla, but his speech impediment prevents him from talking to her.  With a little help from some friends, Sovilla and Isaac soon find themselves spending time together where friendship blooms.  Isaac finds himself falling in love with the Ohio beauty.  Isaac wants to win Sovilla’s heart, but he first must overcome his stutter.  Can God help out a lovelorn fellow?  

An Unexpected Amish Courtship is a delightful Amish novel.  It can be read as a standalone for those who have not indulged in An Unexpected Amish Proposal. The story is told from Sovilla and Isaac’s point-of-view.  I like that we get both of their perspectives (men and women can look at the same issue so differently).  Sovilla and Isaac are likeable as well as realistic characters.  There is a small cast of secondary characters with my favorite being Mrs. Liesl Vandenberg.   She is a charming, Christian woman who loves to play matchmaker as well as help others.  She provides good advice to Isaac and Sovilla.  I thought An Unexpected Amish Courtship was well-written with good pacing.  There is a bit of a mystery in the story as well.  Wilma is an unhappy woman who turns her anger and bitterness on others especially Sovilla.  We get clues along the way as to what caused the problem.  I like how all the storylines are resolved at the end.  There are good life lessons in the story with my favorite being that God is in charge of our lives.  Christianity is beautifully woven into the story.  It is present without being preachy.  There are two lines that I wanted to share from An Unexpected Amish Courtship.  The first is, “Positive thinking works wonders.”  The other is, “When you’re ready to let it go, trust it to God.  He’ll forgive anything.  And He’s the only one who can heal old hurts.”  An Unexpected Amish Courtship we get to see how God can help us overcome our fears and life’s challenges if we let him.  I am eager for the next tale in the Surprised by Love seriesAn Unexpected Amish Courtship is a heartwarming Amish tale with a plethora of pickles, a crabby aunt, an irascible uncle, a lack of letters, a precious puppy, a tongue-tied twin, and a beauty from the buckeye state. 

An Unexpected Amish Courtship publishes Tuesday, July 27 and is available from Amazon*.  It is the second novel in Surprised by Love series.  The first book in Surprised by Love series is An Unexpected Amish Proposal (if you belong to Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow it).  An Unexpected Amish Christmas comes out October 26 and it is the 3rd book in the series.  You can find Rachel J. Good's other novels here.  Rachel also has a novel in More Amish Christmas Miracles which publishes November 9.  Thank you for visiting today.  I am reviewing The Mothers of Victory Street by Pam Howes tomorrow.  It is the third book in The Bryant Sisters series.  I hope that you have a jovial day.  Laughter is good for the soul.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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