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Blowin' Up a Murder by Tonya Kappes

 Blowin' Up A Murder
Book Summary

There's a murder blowin' up and Sheriff Kenni Lowry is the only one who knows how this will end.
My Thoughts

Kenni Lowry is attending a wedding with her beau, Finn.  Her mother is in attendance as well with her gossip buddies.  Kenni’s mother is taking advantage of the circumstances to comment on what she plans for Kenni’s wedding ignoring the fact that Kenni is not engaged.  At the reception, the wedding party are giving their speeches to the happy couple.  When it comes time for the best man, he fails to appear.  A flash of lighting illuminates the patio and Kenni sees a man on the ground with one of the wedding umbrellas protruding from his body.  The only umbrella missing belongs to the best man.  Kenni doubts the case is as simple as it appears.   Much to the bride’s outrage, Kenni shuts down the reception so everyone can be questioned.  With help from Poppa, Kenni’s deceased grandfather, Kenni sets out to catch the killer.

Blowin’ Up a Murder by Tonya Kappes is the eighth A Kenni Lowry Mystery.  It can be read as a standalone if you are new to the series.  If you read the whole series, it will allow you to get to know the characters and their storylines.  The story has quirky characters that suit the southern town of Cottonwood.    Humor abounds in this cozy mystery thanks to Kenni’s mother.  She is determined to push Kenni towards the altar as quickly as possible.  She is not going to let the matter of no fianc√© stand in her way.  I love Poppa.  He is a delight and provides several laugh out loud moments.  He also gives some helpful advice to Kenni regarding the murder case and her life.  The whodunit is a fun one to solve.  The wedding party and their attorney were determined to give Kenni a challenging time.  The case was even more challenging thanks to Kenni’s mother and her friend.  They decided to do a little snooping on their own.  You just know that it is going to cause more problems for Kenni.  There is a large pool of suspects and good clues.  We are left with a cliffhanger at the end of the book. We will have to wait for Heavens to Bribery to find out it turns out.  Blowin’ Up A Murder is a lighthearted Southern cozy mystery that will have you laughing from beginning to end.  Blowin’ Up A Murder is a witty whodunit with a domineering mama, a bouquet bashing bridezilla, a spectral Poppa, a slew waiter, rampant rumors, a malicious lawyer, and a curious cliffhanger. 

Blowin' Up a Murder comes out on May 20 and it is available from Amazon*.  You can find the other seven A Kenni Lowry Mysteries here.  The next A Kenni Lowry Mystery is Heavens to Bribery which comes out September 29.  Rangers, RVs and Revenge comes out June 30.  It is 26th A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery.  If you follow Tonya Kappes on Amazon, you will receive notifications when she has a new release.  Thank you for visiting today.  I will return on May 19 with Fatal Flowers by Jess Dylan.  It is the third A Flower House Mystery.   I hope that you have a glorious day.  I am enjoying a break in the heat while it lasts.  It is nice to be able to work outside in the garden.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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