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Pockets of Peace by Laurie Stroup Smith

 Pockets of Peace
Book Summary

Five years after an unexpected pregnancy forces Lydia Byler to make difficult decisions, she is offered a job helping Birdie Miller manage her bed and breakfast in Pinecraft. Single, shunned, and desperate for a fresh start, Lydia agrees to relocate and reunites with the handsome Wesley Hochstetler.

Wesley has only ever had eyes for Lydia. Though their paths have crossed many times over the years, they never discussed the possibility of spending forever together. When she moves to town, he believes it’s God’s will for them to pursue a romantic relationship. But he doesn’t know about her pregnancy or the adoption that followed.

Inspired by a letter from the child’s adoptive parents, Lydia sews a pocket quilt for the boy. She learns he and his family will soon visit Pinecraft, and the burden of her secret becomes too much to bear. The truth comes to light, straining her bond with Wesley.

My Thoughts

Pockets of Peace by Laurie Stroup Smith is a heartwarming Amish tale.  It is the third book in The Pocket Quilt series.  Each book in this charming series can be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading each book in this engaging series.  We travel to Pinecraft, Florida where Lydia Byler is hoping for a fresh start.  She gave up a baby boy for adoption five years ago and the memories still haunt her.  Lydia gets to reconnect with Wesley Hockstetler to whom she has been attracted for many years.  Wesley, though, is not aware of her situation.  Lydia learns that her son’s adoptive parents are coming to Pinecraft and that he has been asking questions about her.  She is inspired to create a pocket quilt for him using material from her maternity dresses.  Lydia includes notes for the boy that she hopes will answer any questions he asks. Lydia worries what will happen with Wesley when her secret is exposed.

I thought Pockets of Peace was well-written with realistic characters and situations.  I liked getting to know Lydia, Wesley, Birdie, Noelle, Luke, Roxie, and the other characters.  I enjoyed the authors beautiful descriptions of Pinecraft.  Her vivid word imagery brought the area alive for me.  Pinecraft to be a unique community where Amish and Mennonite live and work.  Bicycles are the main mode of transportation (no place to keep horses in Pinecraft).  Adoption and the pocket quilt are two of the themes in the story.  There are touching scenes with Lydia writing the notes and making the quilt.  I liked how Lydia helped out at the local women’s shelter and the way the author handled the topic of domestic abuse.  I loved little Roxie.  I liked seeing Lydia get to know Roxie and help her plus her mother.  Pockets of Peace is a poignant Amish tale that provided a special conclusion to the series.  I am sorry to see The Pocket Quilt series come to an end.  Pockets of Peace is a special Amish tale with an unplanned pregnancy, beautiful beaches, a shameful secret, indulgent ice cream, a beloved boy, a precious pocket quilt, and powerful prayers.

Pockets of Peace is available from Amazon*.  The first two books in The Pockets Quilt Series are Pockets of Promise and Pockets of Purpose.  You can follow Laurie Stroup Smith on Amazon to receive an email when she has a new book release.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I want to share with you some of the other books that came out today.  They new releases include:  Buried in a Good Book by Tamara Berry, Finding Rose by Dana Becker, A Midsummer Night's Fudge by Nancy Coco, Her Amish Springtime Miracle by Winnie Griggs, Fatal Flowers by Jess Dylan, Amish Cradle Conspiracy by Dana R. Lynn, and Her Mountain Refuge by Laurel Blount.  I will return tomorrow with Amish Cradle Conspiracy by Dana R. Lynn.  It is the 13th novel in the Amish Country Justice series.  I hope that you have a peaceful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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