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Love in Plain Sight by Kathleen Fuller

Love in Plain Sight

Book Summary

In the town of Birch Creek where the only danger is getting swept off your feet, Katharine Miller hides the secrets of her past . . . until she meets Ezra Bontrager and is forced to face the greatest risk of all—opening her heart to true love

After fleeing her hometown, Katharine finds peace and anonymity while working at Stoll’s Inn and keeping to herself. As long as her guard is up, she can protect herself and others from her past, with the hope that one day her family will forgive her for leaving.

Ezra Bontrager has never shared a love of farming with his brothers and father, and when he takes a job at Stoll’s Inn, he quickly finds even more reason to come to work every day. Although he has no intention of marrying anytime soon, Ezra can’t help but want to learn more about the quiet and mysterious newcomer who doesn’t appear to have come to Birch Creek looking for a husband, as so many have done after the want ad that advertised Birch Creek’s many bachelors.

As Katharine and Ezra continue to cross paths, Katharine feels her defenses lower, and Ezra no longer scoffs at the idea of marriage. Just as they start to hope for the future, the past comes roaring back—not just for Katharine and Ezra but for the entire community of Birch Creek. Confronting that past won’t be easy, but it brings the opportunity for love and grace to abound.

My Thoughts

Love in Plain Sight by Kathleen Fuller is touching story.  I thought Love in Plain Sight was well-written with developed, realistic characters.  I am glad that the author gave us a character like Katharine Miller.  She is overweight (at least in her mind) and suffers from terrible acne.  The situation with her fiancĂ© has made her acne worse.  When her best friend learns what is happening, she encourages Katharine to escape.  Katharine arrives in Birch Creek where she tries to remain invisible.  The inn’s handyman, Ezra Bontrager has taken notice of the shy, quiet newcomer with the beautiful smile.  The local matchmakers have decided that Ezra and Katharine are perfect for each other and decide to do a little nudging.  I like that the author touched on difficult subjects.  I thought she handled them very well.  I was delighted that Katharine was a basket maker.  It is a wonderful art form (combining beauty and function), and I am glad the author had our main character make these pretty baskets.  I am glad that we get to catch up with the characters from the previous two books.  

The storyline involving the disgraced bishop is concluded.  The matchmakers, Cevilla and Delilah provide humor.  They are quite a pair.  I like how they rationalized their meddling.  I hope they never stop their matchmaking (even though Cevilla’s husband wants her to leave it in God’s hands).  I like the faith messages in this story.  The most important is that God does not promise we won’t have continual trials, only that he will be right beside us as we go through them to give us hope, comfort, and mercy.    Love in Plain Sight is an emotional story that deals with trust, forgiveness, faith, matchmaking, family, friends, and romance.  I loved the epilogue.   One of my favorite phrases from Love in Plain Sight is “I’m pointing out that we all have stuff about ourselves we don’t like.  Sometimes we can change those things, sometimes we can’t.  It’s what’s on the inside that counts, though.”  Love in Plain Sight is the third An Amish Mail Order Bride Novel.  While you could read Love in Plain Sight as a standalone, I believe it is best to read this series in order.  It will allow you to get to know the characters and their storylines.  Certain characters carry through all three books (like Delilah, Rhoda, Cevilla, Loren, Robert, Rhoda’s sons).  Love in Plain Sight is a poignant tale with an officious fiancĂ©, meddlesome matchmakers, beautiful baskets, an indomitable investigator, a helpful friend, a surprising visitor, and a lasting love.

Love in Plain Sight will be out on Tuesday, May 3 and it can be preordered from Amazon*.  The other two An Amish Mail Order Bride Novels are A Double Dose of Love and Matched and Married.  If you follow Kathleen Fuller on Amazon, you will receive an email when she has a new book release.  Kathleen Fuller has The Courtship Plan coming out on January 17, 2023.  It is An Amish of Marigold Novel.  Thank you for stopping by today.  Tomorrow I am featuring What Remains True by Nancy Naigle. I hope that you have delightful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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