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Threads of Hope by Leslie Gould

 Threads of Hope
Book Summary

Can they find a way to stitch their suffering into hope and embrace an uncertain future?

Tally Smucker's quiet life of reading and quilting hides her sorrow over her mother's declining health and the lack of a fulfilling future for herself. When her daily life is shaken by her free-spirited neighbor Danielle--who grew up Plain but joined the Army at eighteen--Tally's instinct is to distance herself.

Yet she finds she can't turn away when Danielle's brother, Kenan, specifically asks for her help. She invites Danielle to visit Plain Patterns quilt shop with her, where the story of the plight of a WWI soldier and the girl he left behind resonates with both Tally and Danielle, but for different reasons.

When Tally's mother suffers a setback at the same time Danielle's PTSD becomes unmanageable, it seems Tally's efforts to aid them only make things worse. Can the soldier's story, along with the care of Kenan, help Tally accept the hope that waits just around the corner?

My Thoughts

Threads of Hope by Leslie Gould is the third book in the Plain Patterns series.  Each book can be read as a standalone, but they are wonderful to read as a whole.  We return to Plain Patterns owned by Jane Berger where they have the bi-weekly quilting group meeting.  Tally Smucker and her mother, Regina attend the meetings when her mother’s health allows.  Tally has been her mother’s caregiver since she was eighteen when her mother suffered a stroke.  The Smucker’s have a new neighbor, Danielle and her daughter, Maggie.  Danielle grew up Amish but left at eighteen to join the Army to get away from her strict parents.  Danielle is a widow who is suffering from PTSD.  She is managing her symptoms by self-medicating.  Danielle’s brother, Kenan is worried about Danielle and Maggie.  He asks Tally to call him if there are any problems.  Tally befriends Danielle and Maggie.  Regina, Tally’s mother, invites them to the quilting group.  The pair soon begin spending more time at the Smucker household.  At the quilting group, Jane Berger is restoring an old family quilt.  She also acquired some family letters dating back to World War I.  She begins telling the story of Katie and Amos which resonates with Tally and Danielle.  

I enjoyed reading this dual timeline story.  I found myself captivated and did not want to stop reading.  I like Leslie Gould’s writing style.  It is engaging and draws the reader into the story.  I can tell the author did her research for the historical timeline.  She brought the earlier storyline to life with the historical details.  We get to see how the Spanish Influenza devastated the world in 1918, how conscientious objectors were treated, and how the Amish were against the war, but they profited from it (vegetable prices skyrocketed).  Danielle could relate to Amos’ plight as Tally could relate to Katie’s.  The characters are developed, realistic, and likeable.  I like how the author addresses real life issues (PTSD, addiction, harassment, and depression).  We get to see our characters deal with their problems and grow as individuals.  They must learn to lean of God for help to experience the healing balm of God’s love.   Faith is an integral part of the story which I thought was beautifully incorporated.  I like how we get to see the parallels between what happened in the past and events in the present.  Despite the span of over a hundred years, some things never change (disease, war, family drama, war trauma).  Threads of Hope is an emotional story with themes of family, friends, and faith.  I am glad that we also got updates on the characters from the other two novels in the series.  I hope that this is not the last book in the Plain Patterns seriesThreads of Hope is a poignant tale with whacked caregivers, extensive influenza epidemic, war trauma, conscientious objectors, farm struggles, life lessons, and His healing balm.

Conscientious Objectors at Camp Funston

Threads of Hope is available from Amazon*.  The other two novels in the Plain Patterns series are Piecing it All Together (on Kindle Unlimited) and A Patchwork Past.  You can find Leslie Gould's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  My mother's eye doctor appointment explained a lot about my mother's vision problems.  She now needs to see a specialist for glaucoma.  We ordered two pairs of glasses (a sale).  I wanted her to have a backup pair.  One of the frames is red (she wanted a red pair) while the other is black, but the stems have beautiful scrollwork on them.  They were also able to temporarily fix her broken frames.  It was a good day.  I will return tomorrow with Blowin' Up A Murder by Tonya Kappes which publishes May 20.  It is the 8th A Kenni Lowry Mystery.  I hope your day is filled with happiness.  I am looking forward to watching the season finale of 9-1-1 (on Fox) and 9-1-1 Lone Star tonight.  Do you have shows that you watch regularly?  Take care and Happy Reading!


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