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The View from Coral Cove by Amy Clipston

The View from Coral Cove 

Book Summary

When a jilted romance novelist escapes to a small beach town, the last thing she expected to find was the start of an even better love story.

In the wake of a broken engagement and the death of her last surviving family member, romance novelist Maya Reynolds moves to the haven of Coral Cove, North Carolina, to take over her great-aunt’s toy store. Some of her grief is immediately eased by imaginative eight-year-old Ashlyn Tanner, who talks her into adopting a kitten and inspires Maya to create a princess tea-party room in the store.

Ashlyn’s dad, local veterinarian Brody Tanner, is quickly smitten by the newest resident of his hometown. As a single parent, he sacrifices a lot in order to give Ashlyn the world, so a romantic entanglement with Maya is not a distraction he is looking for.
As the three develop a deepening bond in the seaside town where Maya experienced some of her happiest childhood memories, clouds cast a shadow over Maya’s hope for the future: an impossible deadline looms over her next novel, a long-held secret by her late mother about Maya’s absent father comes to light, and Brody’s resolve to avoid romance seems unbreakable.

But together, they just might discover that sometimes happy endings happen outside the pages of Maya’s novels too.

My Thoughts

The View from Coral Cove by Amy Clipston takes us to Coral Cove, North Carolina where Maya Reynolds has relocated.  Her favorite memories are the summers she spent with her Aunt CeCe.  Her great-aunt has just passed away leaving her toy store to Maya.  Maya, a novelist, can work from anywhere.  It is a good time for a fresh start since her fianc√© broke up with her and has moved to England.  Maya is in the Barbie aisle when a kitten rushes in and jumps in her lap purring away.  A little girl soon follows along with her handsome veterinarian father. Eight-year-old Ashlyn Tanner convinces Maya to adopt the calico kitten.  Brody is attracted to Maya, but he is determined to be a good father and keep his focus on his daughter.  Maya is attracted to Brody, but she is afraid of getting her heart broken again.  Maya has writers block and a looming deadline. She is going through an old photo album when Maya discovers a letter from her Aunt CeCe.  Maya has always wondered about her father, but it was something her mother did not wish to discuss.  In the letter, her great-aunt reveals the truth.  It sends Maya on a search for her father.  It is going to be an eventful summer in Coral Cove.

The View from Coral Cove is a charming tale about new beginning, healing, friendship, trust, and love.  I thought The View from Coral Cove was well-written with developed, realistic characters.  Amy Clipston provided beautiful descriptions of Coral Cove.  I could envision the beach town with its quaint shops and friendly residents.  I would love to live in Brody’s home with its beautiful beach views.  I thought the dialogue was realistic.  My favorite character was Ashlyn.  She is a scene stealer.  Ashlyn is a precocious little girl.  Brody and Ashlyn run a cat rescue.  They regularly hold cat adoption events with plenty of help from Ashlyn (who can resist).  The romance is the slow burn type since both parties have had their hearts broken and are scared to trust their hearts to someone.  I enjoyed watching the characters develop as the story progressed.  Maya has insecurities because she was told that her father did not want her.  I thought the author handled this issue very well.   The View from Coral Cove is a sweet, wholesome romance.  This book would make a great movie (toy store owner, handsome vet with cute little girl, a lovable kitten, and a beach town).  The View from Coral Cove is the perfect novel to read while lounging on the beach or by the pool.  I loved the epilogue that nicely wrapped up the story.  The View from Coral Cove will leave you with a smile on your face.  The View from Coral Cove is a heartwarming tale with a beautiful beach, a charming child, an attractive veterinarian, an enchanting toy shop, an obstructed writer, and a matchmaking cat.  

The View from Coral Cove is available from Amazon*.  Amy Clipston's next book release is Building a Future which comes out on August 2.  It is the second An Amish Legacy Novel.  You can follow Amy Clipston on Amazon to receive notices when she has a new book release.  Three other books that were published today are:  Bear Witness by Lark O. Jensen, Smile Beach Murder by Alicia Bessette, and Magic Lies and Deadly Pies by Misha Popp.  


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