Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rebecca's Choice

Rebecca’s Choice by Naomi Byler is a lovely Amish romance.  Rebecca Lapp is eighteen years old and lives at home with her parents and younger brother, Jacob.  They live in Windy Meadow, Indiana.  Rebecca is a teacher at the local school, but she loves drawing and painting.  Rebecca wishes the community (and her father) encouraged her artistic talents.  Rebecca was recently baptized and left at the altar by her fiancé, Joshua Beiler.  Joshua felt his path was not in the Amish faith (I think he should have decided that before proposing and getting to the altar).   The area is also experiencing a string of fires.  One day when Rebecca Lapp arrives home to see the family barn on fire.  Her brother, Jacob is already working to get the animals out of the barn.  Their parents, Hannah and Aaron, are helping neighbors (there are three other fires happening).  They are working to get out the last of the animals when Jacob goes back in and the barn collapses.  Jacob dies in the fire.

Who is setting these awful fires and harming the community?  The fires all affected leaders of the Amish Church.  It must be someone within the community.  The Lapp family has to deal with the loss of Jacob.  Daniel Troyer, a local Amish man and volunteer fire fighter, helps Aaron Lapp around the farm and gets to know Rebecca.  The Lapp family gets to welcome home their eldest, Sarah.  Sarah did not join the Church.  She married Eli and they live in Chicago with their son.  Eli is currently in the Middle East assisting a Christian relief mission.  When Eli is abducted Sarah feels she must go to the Middle East. 

Rebecca is also worried about two of her students.  She has noticed bruises on the little girl and is worried about their welfare.  Read Rebecca’s Choice to see what happens to Eli, who has been setting the fires, and what happens with Rebecca and Daniel?  I give Rebecca’s Choice 4 out of 5 stars.  It is a sweet story about life in the community of Windy Meadow.  I did feel like the book ended abruptly.  It just felt like the story was not quite complete.  Of course, maybe there will be another book.  Rebecca’s Choice is a story that can easily be read in just a couple of hours. Rebecca's Choice is available on the Kindle Unlimited Program (if you are a member or wish to enjoy the thirty day free trial).  

Can you tell I have been busy reading?  I am off to finish The Sound of Glass by Karen White (and watch some television).  Have a great weekend and Happy Reading!


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