Friday, May 22, 2015

Whispers in the Dark

I just finished a mystery called Whispers in the Dark by Chase J. Jackson.  Adrian Ramirez has returned to his home town, Newnan, Georgia to start his first teaching position.  He is living in the house he inherited from his grandmother (who raised him) with his girlfriend, Lea Flores.  Lea is from Miami, Florida and she wants to be an interior designer.  Adrian will be teaching eighth grade English at Finley Academy (a prestigious school for rich kids).  Adrian and Lea have been hearing strange noises in the house, but when they investigate no one is there.  Adrian remembers hearing the same strange noises growing up in the house.

Adrian is excited to start teaching.  His first period class contains the smart-aleck, the quiet one (that was me), the clown, and the fashionista.  There are twin girls in the class, Raven and Robin (she is the quiet one).  The other students call them jailbirds.  Dorian is particularly nasty with the girls.  Two students left school last year and he blames the girls.   One of the students was Dorian’s friend.  Something spooked them and they were never the same. 

Adrian is at his desk one day after school when he hears a group of students in the hall kicking a soccer ball.  When he investigates, there are no students.  Just a soccer ball in the hallway.  There is no way the students could have just disappeared.  When something happens to Dorian, Adrian starts to investigate with the help of the school secretary, Denise.  What is going on at this school?  Are the noises in his house related?  Who is behind it?

You will have to read Whispers in the Dark to find out!  I give Whispers in the Dark 3 out of 5 stars.  It is interesting, but I felt it needed more work.  The main character was very unlikable.  Adrian was very selfish.  It had a lovely girlfriend at home, but spent most of his evenings and weekends with his two friends drinking and playing pool (great example for the students).  Adrian did not like her complaining, but I do not blame her.  I did not understand why she would move with him to a different state where she had no chance of a career (I can understand if he is her one and only but that is not how it comes across).  There love (at least on his part) did not seem real.  The storyline is interesting and there is a great twist (which really highlights Adrian’s selfish ways). Whispers in the Dark will be out on May 26, 2015.

I received a complimentary copy of Whispers in the Dark from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  The review and opinions expressed are strictly my own!

I am currently reading Drop Dead Perfect by Rick Murcer.   I hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend!  Happy Reading!

Kris Anderson
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