Sunday, August 30, 2015

Broken Grace

My parents remind me of Felix and Oscar (The Odd Couple) or Garfield and Odie!  I suggested they each have their own bedroom. My mother watches old westerns old day long (every single day).  I think I know all the words to the Bat Masterson song (since I hear it so many times a day).  My father prefers game shows and sports (all types of sports).  We just need to get him healthy enough to enjoy football season.  He only has nine days left until the first Ohio State game (our favorite team).

Broken Grace by E.C. Diskin is a book of suspense and mystery.  Grace is fleeing in her car when she runs into a deer and totals her car.  Eight days later Grace is being sent home with her sister, Lisa (to the family farm).  Grace’s memory is gone.  She does not remember anything about herself, life, family, or friends.  Grace just gets home when two police officers show up at the house.  Michael Cahill, Grace’s boyfriend (maybe ex-boyfriend, maybe fiancé) was murdered.  The lead detective, Detective Bishop, believes Grace committed the crime and does not believe she has amnesia.  Officer Justin Hackett, rookie assigned to the case, seems to know Grace (keeps it hidden from Det. Bishop) and believes Grace is innocent. 

Grace slowly starts regaining memories by looking at items in her family home and seeing a therapist.  She also goes out and visits her workplace, as well as where she lived (despite doctor’s orders to rest and not drive).  Grace is not liking what she is finding out about herself.  But then she is only hearing one side of the story.  When Grace starts remembering her past, it does not jive with the information she received from her sister, Lisa especially regarding her childhood.  Grace needs to figure out what happened to Michael before she gets arrested. Why is Detective Bishop determined to pin the murder on Grace?  What happened in his past that is affecting this case?  Who really killed Michael Cahill?  Can Grace stay ahead of the killer?

Broken Grace was a very predictable mystery novel.  The crimes were very easy to solve and the “twist” at the end was anticipated (I would tell you but then it would be a spoiler).  I found Broken Grace to be very slow (like slogging through mud).  A good book you just glide through it and you do not want the book to end.  Broken Grace was not like that at all.  I think the author tried to put too many elements into one book (amnesia, affairs, dead parents, bad childhood, murder, biased officers).  The amnesia theme has been overdone this year in books (and I will avoid any more books with amnesia in it).  I kept hoping for something unexpected, but I was disappointed.  I give Broken Grace 2.5 out of 5 stars.  Broken Grace is available on Kindle Unlimited.

I received a complimentary copy of Broken Grace from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  The review and opinions expressed are my own.

I am currently reading The Christmas Joy Ride by Melody Carlson (which released early). I look forward to reading her newest Christmas book every year.  I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!  Have an enjoyable day and Happy Reading!

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