Saturday, August 1, 2015

Made with Love

I just got the cutest shoes.  I have wanted Converse sneakers for a while, but I never purchased them (they are not cheap).  But I recently saw the cutest pair, and I had to have them.  I was looking on Amazon and saw so many other adorable pairs!  I will have to start saving for them (or maybe my sweet daughter will get me a pair for Christmas)! 

Made with Love by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore is a sweet Amish fiction novel.   Lovina has dreamed of owning her own pie shop for years.  She is obsessed with pies and her dreams for her shop.  Then one morning she finds the right location for her shop.  She immediately contacts her banker friend.  While viewing the location she meets Noah.  Noah Yoder has moved from Arcola, Illinois to Pinecraft, Florida with his nephew, Mose and two his Mose’s friends.  Noah is hoping to give the boys a second chance.  Mose was heading down the wrong path and Noah wants to help him (as well as Atlee and Gerald).  Noah does construction projects with the help of the boys and also salvages items.  He gives items that have been thrown out a new life.  Noah offers to do the remodel for Lovina’s pie shop in exchange for the items in the warehouse. 

Lovina has enough money saved up to purchase the property, but she will need additional funds to remodel the building and install the necessary equipment.  Lovina can only get a loan from the bank if her father agrees to cosign.  Her father, John, goes one step further by agreeing to give her the money.  Lovina and Noah start work immediately on the pie shop.  Lovina’s mother, Anna is not happy about the pie shop and refuses to talk about it.  Anna keeps pushing Thomas Chupp (a man helping get his parents settled into Pinecraft) at Lovina (which does not bode well for the four younger daughters and their dreams).  Lovina is not interested in Thomas much to the displeasure of her mother.  Noah and Lovina spend a lot of time together renovating the shop.  But Noah needs to tell Lovina about his past (the incident that happened five years previously while on rumspringa) before the two of them can move forward.  Will Me, Myself, and Pie (Lovina’s name for the shop) become a reality?  What will happen between Lovina and Noah?  Do you think Anna will ever understand Lovina’s dream?

Made with Love was a cute story.  It is a little bit heavy on scripture (comes across preachy at times).  I give Made with Love (which I thought would have made a better name for the pie shop) 4 out of 5 stars.  I like the setting (I actually live about an hour and a half away from Pinecraft) and the characters. The writing is good and the story just flows along.  Since there are four other daughters, I have a feeling we are going to have more books. I do want to mention that the book contain some great recipes.  I have marked a couple of them that I think my parents will enjoy.  They love desserts (and at their age they can have them).  

I received a complimentary copy of Made with Love from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  The review and opinions expressed are my own.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my latest review!  It is still raining in my area.  My backyard is one giant lake (the dogs do not want to step off the patio).  Have a nice, relaxing evening and Happy Reading!

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