Friday, August 28, 2015

Death on the Range

My father is still not well.  We gave him a good talking to yesterday about not eating.  He keeps saying he is nauseous.  So I got him some pills for that (he hates pills).  I then purchased the fruit cups he asked for and special drinks (like Ensure) to keep him supplied with nutrients.  I told him that he has to get better so he can fix the front porch (I cannot do it alone).  I also cannot start the lawnmower.  I knew I should have purchased a different type (something with a easy start).  I keep hoping a magic fairy will cut the grass (my mother and I had the same dream that we woke up and the grass was cut). 

Death on the Range by Nikki Haverstock is the first book in the Target Practice Mystery series.  Diana (prefers Di) is getting a divorce.  She decided to start fresh with a new job in a new state.  She accepted the position as the tech person for Westmound Center for Competitive Shooting (archery and guns) in Wyoming.  Her friend, Jess and her husband, Robbie work there and helped Di get the position.  Her first day Di meets Mary Van Dyke.  She is from Korea but was adopted and raised in Minnesota.  Mary is also working at the center (kind of a Jill of all trades) and she is also very good at archery.  Di also met Moo, the Westmound dog.  He belongs to Liam “Lumberjack” Andersson, but Moo rooms the complex (or horseshoe as they call it) during the day.  Moo takes to spending his days with Di.

They are starting a new archery coaching program.  There are new archery standards and all coaches have to take a class to learn the proper methods.  The first class includes four members of the Olympic Summer Games archery team.  They are Tiger, Minx, Honey, and Owley.  The four of them do not seem to be getting along very well.  They is contention among the troops as soon as they arrive.  Honey (the diva) announces that she is writing a memoir of her life and is planning to include juicy gossip from those in the field of archery.  That evening Di is unable to sleep and goes into the complex to run.  She enters the weight room and notices Honey on the floor (shocker)!  Di screams and panics.  Liam finds her and calms her down so he can contact the police.

Mary and Di (when she finally gets over her shock) decide to investigate the murder.  They want to protect the reputation of the center for Jess (who is upset that her new programs are ruined when they have just begun).  Mary and Di stumble and bumble along looking at the clues and interviewing the suspects.  Death on the Range is a very short story (about half the length of a normal cozy).  The characters are very basic and underdeveloped (we do not even get last names to 90% of the main characters).  We get a little more information on Di and Mary towards the end of the book (after they have been drinking).  The murder is extremely simple and easy to solve.  I really only liked two of the characters in the book: Liam and Moo.  They were the most likable (especially the dog).  I felt that the novel was rushed.  I think we were given more information on the Westmound Center than on the characters.  I give Death on the Range 3 out of 5 stars.  Death on the Range is available on Kindle Unlimited!

I received a complimentary copy of Death on the Range from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  The review and opinions expressed are my own.

I am currently reading Skeleton in the Closet by Angie Fox (cute novel).  Have a great Friday, take care driving home, and Happy Reading!

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