Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Insanity of Murder

Happy Book Release Day!  I love waking up with new books on my Kindle!  I had eight new books this morning (can you tell I love books)! I hope to have time soon to read for pleasure (though, technically, all reading is pleasurable!).

The Insanity of Murder by Felicity Young is a British historical mystery.  It is the fourth book in the Dr. Dody McClelland series.  Florence McCleland and Daphne sneak into Necropolis Railway Station to plant a bomb.  They are setting it at night so no one gets hurt.  They are planting the bomb to promote their cause.  Florence and Daphne are suffragettes and follow Christabel Pankhurst (she believed in using violence to further the cause).  They notice a sleeping woman (they looked like she was asleep) as they entered, but she was gone when they left.  Florence ties purple, green and white ribbons around the handle of the valise that holds the bomb before they leave (they figure they will be blown up).  They are leaving when the run into the night watchman.  The information they received said there was no security.  Florence takes him out (thanks to her jujitsu training) and they drag him away before the bomb goes off.

Dr. Dorothy (Dody) McClelland (Florence’s sister) is the senior assistant to Dr. Bernard Spilsbury (a misogynist).  She is called to the scene of the bombing.  The bomb was right over a gas main and caused extreme damage.  At this railway station were numerous morticians and there are body parts everywhere.  Dody along with her boss have to make sure that all the bodies they found were dead before the explosion.  Dody is dating (she is also his lover) Chief Inspector Matthew Pike.  He is a widower with a seventeen year old daughter named Violet.  Dody and Pike are keeping their relationship under wraps since they work together (Dody has been against marriage).  Pike is assigned the bombing case.  Unfortunately (for Florence), there was a witness who can identify one of the girls as well as the bike she was riding (white paint on it from another incident).  Pike recognizes the bikes description and has to arrest Florence.  Florence is put in prison and goes on a hunger strike. 

The witness to the bombing is Lady Mary Heathridge.  Lady Mary is a resident in The Elysium Rest Home for Gentlewomen.  She has the beginnings of dementia and is an escape artist (which is why her family put her in the home).  Lady Mary is looking for her friend Cynthia Hislop (which was why she was at the railway station).  Lady Mary also wants someone to investigate the home (they are doing things they should not be doing).  Lady Mary gets a package to Chief Inspector Pike.  It is something strange floating in a solution.  Dody determines it is a women’s ovary.  Is the home performing illegal operations?  Florence’s hunger strike hits when a new act is passed.  She is sent home to recover.  To prevent her from being sent to prison, Florence concocts a scheme to go to The Elysium.  She can stay out of prison and investigate their practices. 

Will Dody be able to rescue Florence if she gets into trouble?  What is going on at the home and where is Cynthia?  I give The Insanity of Murder 3 out of 5 stars.  It is an okay novel, but it was not great.  There is a great deal of medical terminology in the book (which will help if you are looking to go to sleep).  There is quite a bit going on in this novel and it can be hard to keep track of everything (as well as the characters).  I enjoyed the history portion of the book regarding Pankhurst and the women’s suffrage movement in England.  Those of you who watch Mr. Selfridge will remember the Pankhurst incident as well as Lady May’s involvement with the group.  The mystery portion was easy to solve (it was very obvious).  Would I read another book in this series?  I am afraid that I would not.  The other books in the series are:  The Anatomy of Death, Antidote to Murder, and The Scent of Murder

I received a complimentary copy of The Insanity of Murder from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  The review and opinions expressed are my own.

I am currently reading Unleashed by Eileen Brady.  I am off to watch Pretty Little Liars and Stitchers!  Take care and Happy Reading!

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