Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Canal Days Calamity: A Dog Days Mystery

Thank you for visiting today.  How are you doing on your Christmas preparations?  I am a long way from being ready.  Kappy King and the Puppy Kaper by Amy Lillard will be released on December 26.  It is the first book in An Amish Mystery series.

Canal Days Calamity by Jamie M. Blair is the second book in A Dog Days Mystery series.  Cameron Cripps-Hayman is organizing Canal Days with Roy, Johnna, Anna and Logan (Metamora Action Agency) as well as helping her sister, Monica get ready for the opening of Dog Diggity.  While painting polka dots on the outside of the building, Cameron discovers a man dead on the bench behind Dog Diggity.   The victim, Butch Landow, was shot in the head and unhappy with people wanting his farm for a casino.  Andy (Monica’s handyman) gets arrested for the crime and Cameron knows that the police have the wrong man.  Despite Ben’s warning not to meddle, Cameron assembles the Metamora Action Agency to uncover the killer and get Andy out of jail. 

I wanted to give A Dog Days Mystery series a second chance.  I quickly discovered that Canal Days Calamity is not my type of book (I am not into the humorous, wacky, over-the-top cozy mysteries).  Canal Days Calamity is not a standalone story.  You need to read Deadly Dog Days prior to Canal Days Calamity (details a reader needs are missing from this story).  The murder occurs in the first chapter which leads to a long book.  I thought the mystery was simple and can be solved early in the story.  There was one silly incident after another along with an annoying mother, teenage antics, family drama, lots of food, dogs and cats (oh my), and frequent use of the phrase “good gravy”.  I found people’s reactions over-the-top.  Cameron is married to Ben (a police officer), but she is separated from her husband.  There are currently “dating” and Cameron contacts him to get intel on the case (and then he tells her to stay out of it—and she does not listen).   Canal Days Calamity has a quaint small town that is pet friendly and a variety of quirky characters.  I am just not the right audience for this series.  I prefer more substance and less zany (just my preference).  I am giving Canal Days Calamity 3 out of 5 stars.

I will return tomorrow with my review of Not a Creature was Purring by Krista Davis.  The fifth cozy mystery in A Paws and Claws Mystery series.  May you have a delightful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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