Thursday, December 14, 2017

Unnatural Causes: A Dr. Katie LeClair Mystery

Greetings!  Death Below Stairs by Jennifer Ashley is A Below Stairs Mystery.  It will be published on January 2, 1018 along with The Lacemaker by Laura Frantz.
Unnatural Causes by Dawn Eastman is the first book in A Dr. Katie LeClair Mystery series.  Dr. Katie LeClair has joined the family practice of Dr.’s Emmett and Nick Hawkins (father and son) in Baxter, Michigan.  She is called into the hospital when Ellen Riley is brought in from an overdose of diazepam (and Nick did not answer his page).  The bottle states that Katie wrote the prescription, but she never issued it to Ellen.  The police believe it is suicide, until Ellen’s daughter, Beth convinces them to take another look.  Beth states that Ellen was stressed over research she had been conducting.  Ellen had discovered something—did it get her killed?  Katie wants answers and enlists her brother, Caleb to assist her.  What was Ellen Riley researching and why did Nick not answer his page?  Someone is not happy with Katie’s meddling and warns her off her search.  Can Katie uncover the killer, or will she end up the next victim?
I thought Unnatural Causes was nicely written and had a good pace.  The author establishes Katie’s background early in the story and I found her a likeable, relatable character.   The transitions between scenes was smooth (nicely handled by author).  There is a repetition of information that could have been eliminated. The same details do not need to be repeated throughout the book.  There are two mysteries in the book and both can be solved.  The murderer can be discerned early in the story.  The why is slowly revealed as the story progresses.  There are good clues that will aid readers in solving the mystery.  It is slightly convoluted and there is a surprise that readers may not anticipate.  There are several suspects and some nice misdirection.  The secondary mystery (regarding Nick Hawkins) is interesting and a common problem in our society (unfortunately).  The action ramps up in the last 12% of the story.  There is a love interest for Katie in the story.  I was glad that the romance element was light and not rushed.  Unnatural Causes is different from Dawn Eastman’s A Family Fortune Mystery series.  It shows the author’s versatility.  Unnatural Causes has good bones, and I look forward to reading the next book in A Dr. Katie LeClair Mystery series. 
Thank you for reading my latest review.  I will be featuring The Trouble with Murder by Kathy Krevat tomorrow.  By the way--Where does Santa put his suit after Christmas? (prepare to groan).  In the Claus-et!  It is so bad, that it is funny!   May you have a very merry day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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