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Prism: The Color Alchemist

Thank you for visiting today.  On December 12, A Murder for the Books by Victoria Gilbert will be published along with The Trouble with Murder by Kathy Krevat.  

Prism by Nina Walker is the first book in The Color Alchemist series.  Jessa Loxley and her family are being questioned by General Faulk.  She is accusing one of the girls of being a color alchemist.  Jessa believes her younger sister, Lacey is responsible (she is the age when the gift starts manifesting) and wants to protect her.  That night, during Jessa’s first ballet solo, unbeknownst to her she starts using color alchemy.  Jessa is quickly taken into custody the Guardians of Color (GC) and escorted to the palace.  Jessa is one of the rare people who can work with red and King Richard wants her trained immediately.  Prince Lucas takes charge of her training, but he has an agenda of his own.  Prince Lucas has seen the work his father has ordered the color alchemists to do—the devastation.  When Prince Lucas was approached by the Resistance, he did not hesitate to join them.  Prince Lucas knows what his father will do if he gets Jessa to manipulate the color red.  Can he convince Jessa to join the Resistance?  Prince Lucas has the added worry of his mother.  Queen Natasha has been ill for some time and he suspects that someone is making her sick.  Who is doing this to her and why?  Jessa misses her family and just wants to return home.  Jessa does not know who she can trust.  To join Jessa and Prince Lucas on their adventure, pick up Prism. 

I found Prism to be intriguing.  I thought the use of color for magic a unique and creative concept (green for healing for example). The magic is based on chakras.  Personally, I could have done with less romance in the story (along with teenage angst and jealousy).  At times it dominated the storyline and it seemed too intense for two people that barely knew each other (especially since Jessa was only 16).  I thought the story contained good writing and had a good pace.  The second half of the story had a faster pace and more action (.  I did find some repetition of details and a couple of contradictory statements (eliminating both would enhance the book).  Prism is geared towards a young-adult audience who will just love this book.  It has magic, royalty, romance, action, intrigue, mysteries and much more.  I found the characters to be nicely developed and they act like normal teenagers (despite the book being set in the future in a dystopian world with magic).    The point-of-view alternates between Jessa and Lucas.  Readers can see the situation from both perspectives.   We only get a glimpse of the Resistance and it left me wanting to know more.  I especially want to find out more about Sasha.  The story continues in the second installment in The Color Alchemist series in Fracture.   I am giving Prism 4 out of 5 stars.  The next book The Color Alchemist series is Fracture.  Both books are available on Kindle Unlimited (through Amazon).

I appreciate you stopping by today and reading my latest book review.  I will be sharing my thoughts on Sweet Tea and Sympathy by Molly Harper tomorrow.  May you have a sparkling day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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