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Murder in the Reading Room by Ellery Adams

Murder in the Reading Room (A Book Retreat Mystery 5) by [Adams, Ellery]
The Book Retreat Mysteries
Murder in the Reading Room by Ellery Adams is the fifth novel in A Book Retreat Mystery series.  Jane Steward, manager of Storyton Hall, along with Landon Lachlan are traveling to Asheville, North Carolina to the famous Biltmore Estate.  Jane’s boyfriend, Edwin Alcott has been missing for two months and she believes he is being held at Biltmore.  Jane’s cover is a participant in the Luxury Lodging Seminar which will give her access to the grounds and buildings to search for Edwin.  Landon is befriending the master gardener on the estate to see if he can provide any useful information while Jane has gotten them a tour of the main building from a high ranking employee.  When Jane and Landon go to give the master gardener a special gift, they find the kind man dead in his favorite chair in his superb library.  It is thanks to the gardener that the pair receive a clue that leads them to the underground passage where Edwin is being held.  Unfortunately, Edwin’s captor is awaiting them, and he has a shocking surprise for Jane.  To get Edwin back, Jane will have to search Storyton Hall for the papers from Ernest Hemingway’s lost suitcase.  Will Jane and her protectors be able to defeat this evil foe?  Join Jane on her dangerous quest in Murder in the Reading Room.
Murder in the Reading Room is a riveting cozy mystery.  I thought the story was well-written and it moves along at a quick pace.  Murder in the Reading Room is the fifth book in A Book Retreat Mystery series, and it cannot be read alone.  This series is best read in order and each book is better than the previous.  Ellery Adams’ has an engaging writing style, and I was quickly engrossed in Murder in the Reading Room.  Jane Steward is a widow with two rambunctious boys.  She manages Storyton Hall as well as being the Guardian to the secret library.  Jane is lucky to have her aunt and uncle on the premises as well as her trustworthy and protective staff.  The characters are complex and continue to evolve as the series progresses. The Fins and the Cover Girls are delightful secondary characters.  I like seeing the relationship between Eloise Alcott and Landon Lachlan progressing. The setting of Storyton, Virginia is beautiful (especially in the fall).  Storyton Hall is a masterpiece and it is filled with books along with paintings, statutes and other unique items (I want to move in).  The mystery is complex and multifaceted.  I love it when I am surprised in a mystery, and Murder in the Reading Room has one fabulous and shocking turn of events.  There were several great phrases in this book, and it was hard to pick my favorite.  I ended up choosing “I think a book is like a good climbing tree.  They both yearn to be touched.”  I enjoyed the book referenced sprinkled throughout the story which included Maisie Dobbs, Anne of Green Gables and various works by Hemingway.  Murder in the Reading Room is my favorite book in A Book Retreat Mystery series.  Murder in the Reading Room is a captivating cozy mystery that will have you staying up until the wee hours to finish it. 
The other novels in A Book Retreat Mystery series are Murder in the Mystery Suite, Murder in the Paperback Parlor, Murder in the Secret Garden and Murder in the Locked Library.  The next novel in A Book Retreat Mystery series is Murder in Storybrook Cottage and Ellery Adams has signed a contract for three more books after that one (hooray).  I am curious to see what direction she will take Storyton Hall as well as Jane and Edwin's relationship.  Thank you for visiting today.  I will be back tomorrow (I have not decided which book I will share with you yet).  I hope you have a spellbinding day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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