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A Perfect Amish Match by Vannetta Chapman

Book Summary

A Perfect Amish Match by Vannetta Chapman is the third book in the Indiana Amish Brides series.  Olivia Mae Miller is the local matchmaker with a good success rate, but Noah Graber is not interested in her services.  Noah works as an auctioneer and has just moved back to Goshen, Indiana.  He has had a series of disastrous relationships and has no interest in marriage even though his brother, Justin is happily married after being matched up with Sarah by Olivia Mae.  Noah’s parents, though, are eager for him to settle down and his mother offers him a deal that he cannot resist.  Olivia Mae has three chances to match Noah up with the perfect mate.  She soon discovers why his past relationships failed and her attempts will be equally doomed if she does not give him some practical dating advice.  She soon learns that Noah needs a more hands on approach and she finds herself providing courting lessons.  Olivia Mae finds that she enjoys Noah’s company and even his silly animal jokes.  Olivia Mae never thought that she would marry since she takes care of her ailing grandparents whose conditions seem to be deteriorating.    Is Noah’s perfect match Olivia Mae herself?

My Thoughts

A Perfect Amish Match is an appealing Amish novel.  Vannetta Chapman created likeable and relatable characters that I wanted to know more about (they become friends).  Olivia Mae Miller takes care of her two ailing grandparents.  It has become harder as her grandfather’s memory becomes worse.  He is frail and needs supervision.   Olivia Mae is a sweet, kind, thoughtful woman who has been successful at matching local couples.  She has a good success rate which is why Noah’s family believes Olivia Mae can help Noah.  Noah enjoys being an auctioneer and a bachelor.  He is not interested in settling down and his past dates of been unsuccessful.  The only way to get his well-meaning mother off his back, though, is to agree to let Olivia Mae set him up with three different women.  This is when the fun begins.  Noah is an absolute disaster on dates.  Noah has a lot going for him with his good heart and a solid work ethic. But Noah is absolutely clueless about women and dating.  Noah’s calamitous dates had me laughing out loud.  Olivia takes him under her wing to show him how to properly court an Amish woman.  Noah and Olivia Mae get to know each other. Olivia Mae even finds she likes Noah’s corny animal jokes.  Unfortunately, the road to happiness is never smooth, but full of stones and potholes.  There comes a time when heart wrenching choices will have to made.  I thought A Perfect Amish Match was well-written with steady pacing.  It is such a charming story that will have you chuckling and teary.  A Perfect Amish Match can be read as a standalone if you have not picked up the other novels in the Indiana Amish Brides series.  Christian elements (prayer, faith and God’s blessings for example) are beautifully integrated into the story (enhance the book). Important life lessons are learned by our characters.  God has a hope and plan for each of us and He only wants the best for us.  My favorite phrase is “some people are older when they fall in love and maybe that’s because it takes a while for them to know their hearts”. Vannetta Chapman never fails to provide a story that will touch our hearts.  A Perfect Amish Match is a touching tale that will live with you long after you close the book.
Murder at the Marina (A Kelly Jackson Mystery Book 5) by [Finsilver, Janet]

The other two novels in the Indiana Amish Brides series are A Widow's Hope and Amish Christmas Memories.  I am showcasing Murder at the Marina by Janet Finsilver tomorrow.  It is the fifth book in A Kelly Jackson Mystery series. I hope you have a blissful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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