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Must Love Music by Melissa Storm

Must Love Music
I am doing a blast from the past today.  I am featuring Melissa Storm's Must Love Music.  It is the first novel in The Alaska Sunrises Romances(there are nine books in this series).  
The Alaska Sunrise Romances
Must Love Music by Melissa Storm takes readers to Anchorage, Alaska.  Oscar Rockwell, a veterinarian, has been set up on another blind date by his mother.  Kelly Rockwell, Oscar’s mother, is determined to find the right woman for her son.  Oscar is tired of waiting for his very late date when in walks the most beautiful woman looking for Kelley.  The pair start chatting, and she even sings him a song.  Then walks in his blind date with a bad attitude.  Lolly Winston has moved to Anchorage to care for her great aunt while she is laid up from hip surgery and to meet with Kelley Lux, an agent who currently in the area.  Lolly has dreamed of making it big in Nashville and this is her one shot.  After the misunderstanding, Lolly rushes out of the tavern before Oscar can get her name.  Oscar is out walking Timber, a husky living at his clinic, when he encounters Lolly. Oscar convinces Lolly to have lunch with him and then Oscar attends Lolly’s first gig.  Kelley Lux believes Lolly has great potential and is willing to sign her on the spot.  Lolly needs to choose between love and fame?  Or is there a way for Lolly to have both?
 Melissa Storm
Must Love Music is a charming story.  It is the first book in The Alaska Sunrise Romances.  Melissa Storm has a conversational writing style that draws the reader right in.  The book has a nice steady pace.  I quickly devoured this engaging romance.  Oscar has a pregnant cat that he wants his mother to watch, but she will only do it if he agrees to another blind date.  Kelly Rockwell wants Oscar to find his soulmate much to his chagrin.  Lolly enters the tavern looking for Kelley and Oscar believes she means his mother, Kelly.  It is a cute meet.  The two are instantly taken with each other and have a good time.  But Lolly is not looking for love.  This is her one shot at being famous.  We see Lolly struggle with the choice she needs to make between love and the man of her dreams (there must be another way).  One of my favorite phrases in the book is “Home isn’t a place. It’s about how you feel.”  I liked the addition of Timber, the husky rescue dog.  Husky’s are warm, loving and intelligent dogs who make wonderful companions (can you tell I own a Husky) There are lovely descriptions of Anchorage (a place I would love to visit).  I appreciated the epilogue that nicely wrapped up the book.  Must Love Music is a sweet story that will warm your heart.  
Kitty Confidential (Pet Whisperer P.I. Book 1) by [Fitz, Molly, Storm, Melissa, Press, Sweet Promise]
Must Love Music plus the other eight books in The Alaska Sunrise Romances are available on Kindle Unlimited.  Melissa Storm has ventured into the cozy mystery genre under the pen name Molly Fitz.  Her new cozy mystery series is Pet Whisperer PI.  The first book in the series is Kitty Confidential. Thank you for joining me today.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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