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The Mint Julep Murders by Angie Fox

The Mint Julep Murders (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries Book 8)
Hello!  On a Summer Tide by Suzanne Woods Fisher will be out on April 30 along with Prologue to Murder by Lauren Elliott, Murder in the Reading Room by Ellery Adams, and Staging is Murder by Grace ToppingBlessing in Disguise by Danielle Steel releases on May 7 plus The Silent Widow by Tilly Bagshawe & Sidney Sheldon. So many delightful new books to read.
Angie Fox

The Mint Julep Murders by Angie Fox is the eighth tale in The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries.  Verity Long, Ellis Wydell and Frankie are on a road trip to the closed Pikesville Sanitorium aka Mint Julep Manor about an hour outside Sugarland, Tennessee.  Verity would rather hang out on her front porch, but she promised to find a way to set Frankie free and a ghostly inmate may have the key.  Bruno Scalieri, a criminally insane & murderous psychopath, claims to have information regarding Frankie’s death, but he wants a favor in return.  Verity had to get special permission from Inspector De Clercq to visit Bruno and consent from the current owner, Barbara Slater.  Barbara is eager for Verity to confirm that Mint Julep Manor is haunted and to provide her with stories to share with guests on her Halloween Tour plus with journalists.  The last ghost hunter ran out of the house screaming.  Unfortunately, the visit turns deadly and they find themselves stuck inside the asylum with no electricity and a torrential rain storm raging outside.  Will Verity make it back home to Lucy, her pet skunk, or will she find herself a permanent inmate of Mint Julep Manor?
 Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries
The Mint Julep Murders may be the eighth story in The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries, but it can be read as a standalone.  Verity’s background and Frankie’s is included for new readers.  The Mint Julep Murders is not as light as the previous books.  It is darker and more intense (they are in an insane asylum).  Angie Fox’s conversational writing style makes for a pleasurable reading experience.  The story grabbed me right away and I kept reading to find out what would happen next.  Verity, Ellis and Frankie know to be cautious, but this is beyond what they expected.  This trip really opens Ellis’s eyes to the dangers of Verity’s job.  The decrepit asylum was the perfect setting for this creepy whodunit.  Add in an odd assortment of humans, unique spirits, creepy treatment rooms, strange noises and chill breezes. Verity, with her positive outlook on life, manages to put an upbeat spin on their situation.  She is so sweet with her Southern manners and tries to befriend every being she encounters. Verity has a new gingham bag that sounds adorable. Lucy is not with Verity on this adventure, but she is mentioned.  The lucky skunk is staying with Melody, Verity’s sister, and gets to visit the library for Take Your Pet to Work Day.  The murder has Verity and Ellis wondering which of their companions could have committed the crime.  Verity questions the ghostly inhabitants of the asylum.  Levi with his room of books was my favorite.  Two college ghost hunters have invented a ghost translator app (very clever of them) which leads to some humorous moments.  Frankie adds levity with his witty retorts.  At one point Frankie exclaims “shoot me now” and Verity replies “I would, but somebody beat me to it”.  I loved the ending and I cannot wait to find out what Verity and Frankie get into next time.  Come along with Verity, Frankie and Ellis on their latest spooky and chilling escapade in The Mint Julep Murders.
american gangsters of the 1920s & 30s | Lethal | actor with Tommy Gun. (Image | The Sun)
A 1920s gangster similar to Frankie.  What do you think Frankie looks like?
The Mint Julep Murders is available on AmazonSouthern Spirits the first book in The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries is free on Amazon (and other retailers too).  Tomorrow I am reviewing Emily, Gone by Bette Lee Crosby. I appreciate you reading my latest review.  I hope you have a spirited day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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